I see planet earth as the famous “Garden of Eden.”  Of course, our current-day Garden is anything but tranquil and unblemished, although some parts do give that impression.  For instance, nature and all of its beauty still holds its own stature and power, a picturesque scene lovely enough to take your breath away.  But something deeper, more raw and harsh abides in this world that gives the illusion that we’re in a dangerous place and that there is little hope for the person with no money. For me, this has prompted a decision: live with that uncertainty or begin to believe in divine provision!  What this means is letting go of the self-made reigns and boldly trusting that God, in his love and mercy, equipped the Universe with everything and anything a person would need, and that I’ll receive whatever I call into my life, for the supply is in abundance and attainable.  Life has taught me to release all worry, be child-like at heart, and to continue my journey through this world in the likes of a person whose Father watches over and cares deeply about, because through it all and no matter what I have been through, I have experienced divine provision.