Have you ever felt badly about yourself when looking at another person who has maybe “made it to the top,” while you’re still down-under, grappling to succeed?  I know I have!  This problem isn’t uncommon.  Inside of each of us is an inherent desire, and right, to live life as comfortably and secure as anyone else does.  The issue, however, becomes a problem when, and because, we have our eyes and spirit fixed on what’s external; on what this person or that person is doing, and not on the true calling in our own lives.  If we all could accept that each person is a unique person, with his and her own style and method, and that one-self’s is as glorious and special as that of anyone else, we, all, would be in a much happier frame of mind.

There are times when I have to put my self in check.  I get to comparing myself to other, more talented, wealthier, daring women, and wonder what the heck is wrong with me that I’m not achieving a quarter of the “successes” that they’ve obtained!  When focused on that, though… life begins to smell badly to me.  That’s when I know I’m doing a disservice to myself, that I’m wasting precious time wishing I was somebody else, while the truth remains that I’m not you and you’re not me!

When thinking along these competitive lines, please realize that every one of us, rich or poor, is actually standing on middle ground.  There’s always someone who’s less fortunate than you are, and thus, are looking up at you; and then there are those more fortunate ones, looking up at the ones they consider “more fortunate” than their selves!  The tier rises and rises, and the tier drops and drops; we’re all standing on middle ground.  On that note, pleased, I am, that I’m not you and you’re not me.