Much has happened in my life…enough to get me down and discouraged.  People have disappointed me; circumstances have entrapped me; and my dreams have faded into the background.  One thing is for sure, though: that I’m still standing and every day is a new opportunity to start fresh.  I was curious about author “Danielle Steel,” recently, and looked her up and read all about her.  The woman has sold 800 Million books!  [Not to mention that several of them became movies!] The lady greatly inspires me.  However, I couldn’t help but to wonder about my self and the direction my life has taken.  I’ve written 6 books so far, and published one.  “Love Amid Chaos”, which is available in the main page of my website.  I could kick myself for allowing an abundance of distractions to shift my focus elsewhere and keep me from really delving into my own authorship!  Oh…but why lament, my soul!  Providing I still have life in me, and God on my side, I’m starting fresh.