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Now, that is the most…arrogant (conceded) statement I’ve heard yet! … “I think I’m special…”  Whenever I heard somebody speak of themselves in that way, immediately my thoughts would bring on the courtroom, Judge and jury, and that person to trial!  Of course, the keywords here are “my thoughts would…” – but not me!  I never argued the point with the person or even knew to ask him or her to tell me just what he or she means by that; I just assumed they were full of themselves, and then wondered what do they have that I don’t, for them to brag on themselves that way?

Woe, I thank God that I’ve come a long way since that time!  Gosh, was I ever full of criticism [and self-doubt]!  Indeed, I was!  Truth is, I now “get” it; and I apologize for being both, Judge and jury in those instances, and readily, presently say that everybody ought say it about his and herself!

The “self-examination” didn’t come to me until I, myself, met with several, harsh  encounters of the same kind.  Difference was people didn’t keep their thoughts about me to themselves, when criticizing me; instead they openly judged me to my face, in the likes of those courtroom-like dramas, packed with spectators and media circuses and finger-pointing!  And, I agree: I didn’t like it!  So, why would anybody else enjoy being ripped apart by my set of judgments and self-made high standards, be it, pensively or verbally!

Thing of it is, this world can sometimes be, a doggie-dog world out there, and all sorts of “dysfunctional” people jump to the quick to tear down what they themselves are lacking on the inside of their self.  They see it and because they don’t have it, they don’t like what they see in you or the next guy and thus, react negatively.  Sometimes they voice it and sometimes they reserve it, as I used to do.  I, myself, lacked any sense of self-worth, so any time I heard someone else speak of themselves in a “positive” light, that “light” would shine in on the darkness in me and bring to my attention all of what was wrong with me.  Naturally then, my reaction would be to fend off the [unsuspecting/blameless] accuser, by thinking of them as less than special.

Hence, therefore, it certainly is crucial that we, if we haven’t already, begin to increase our levels of self-worthiness; not in a conceded way, for, remember: pride cometh before the fall; but in a way that truly comprehends and appreciates the value there, being really special, and specially made, and unique and irreplaceable.  If no one else thinks that you’re special – you best think you are, and that ought be good enough for you.