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Don’t believe, for a second, that I’m a die-hard, or a casual, Baptist, Catholic, Methodist, or of any of the other denominations, all of which highlight “Christian/Christianity,” just because I mention “God,” here, in my post.  Truthfully, I’m not a fan of branded religion.  Throughout my life, I managed to sit through just about every denomination there is, and could honestly say that it wasn’t long before I knew that something didn’t sit right with me in each sector.

Stepping back, away from them, and looking at them objectively; to me, they’re nothing more than just a bunch of groups, competing, one unto another, for the prize, of whatever the aim is.  It definitely goes without saying, that each denomination believes it is the be all-end all, of all religions.

The only “be all – end all” around here, boils down to God and our relationship with him.

Now, why did I go and say such a thing, as that; given that many, many people actually believe that God is a woman and not a man?

Oh…boy…here we go again: an extra brand of belief!  🙂

Did you get my point?

My mother’s famous words were: “To each his own, and God with everybody’s!”  I can’t help but to fully agree with her; gotta go and do your own thing, when so many other options are, grabbing for your attention!  Nevertheless, still, my sitting here, pointing out this thing or that thing about all the beliefs out there – vs – my own belief, makes me as about competitive as all the rest of them, if my aim solely is to convert you!  Fret not; I’m not here to “convert” you or anyone else that might read this blog.  My sole purpose, in putting this blog out there, is that… I love to write, and have my own walk with God, and thought I would share what I mean by this.

There comes a time in our life when we must shut the world out and go and find what truly defines us, as people.  If not, then we set our selves up for all sorts of confusion, unrest, and disappointment.  If we’re not careful, and do lend our selves…our mind… to every opinion the world has to offer, not only shall we end up perplexed, by so many different and opposing viewpoints being offered to us, but also shaped, if we take it all in, in ways that cause other people to greatly misunderstand where it is we would like them to know we’re coming from!

I don’t know about you, but I personally prefer that people, when describing me, describe me precisely as I am, and not color-me-in, in ways that totally proves my character out of content.  I never want others to know me as the double-minded, wish-washy type, because then they won’t take what I have to say seriously enough to make a difference in the life of that person.  If I’m confused, then it’s more likely that I’ll confuse someone who’s already confused!  Get my drift?

Notwithstanding, my walk with God is just that: a walk with God; due to everything I have written here.  Indeed, I went forced, by all of those and other outlooks, to separate myself, from public and religious opinions, and just go on my merry way with Christ!  And “merry,” it has been.  Listen.  I don’t have the need to prove that God exists and that Jesus did what he did when he walked the earth.  You’re free to believe what you want.  All I know is that when I’ve really needed someone to help me…with Q&As and direction, He…His Spirit, in his own mysterious way, proved to me is a die-hard fan of me.  Not one other human being, professing to love me, even unconditionally, and proving it so, was ever really able to reach deep-deep into my soul and spirit and comfort me the way that Jesus was and is able to do.  I’ve learned in life that all I really need is the Bible (Basic Information Before Leaving Earth), the Road Map, if you will, carried under my one arm, and the hand of Jesus holding my other hand.  That’s it; simple and undisturbed, that is all I have needed in my walk with God

Hmm… I get the feeling that the feel of this blog is, fragmented.  I might return to it and defrag it, should “Comments” call for it.  Otherwise, thank you for reading it.