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Currently, outside my window, I see it is cloudy and that it rained; the ground is still wet.  I don’t know what the rest of the day holds, for I haven’t looked up the Weather channel yet today.  It might become sunny later, hopefully with warm temperatures.  Who knows…?  And it might be different for other parts of the US, as well.

Have I taken up meteorology?  Nah… I’m just getting ready to lend a twist to this blog.  😉

Yes, I looked outside the window just now, and saw what I saw; but, next to that, I asked myself: how do you feel inwardly, Chris?  Is it sunny in there…is it cold or warm?  Is it cloudy?  Are you feeling weepy?  Or are the winds…of life’s storm, blowing about and knocking you over?  Just how do you feel today?

Fortunately, life’s storms have left my life now, for a while.  Went through one recently and may write about it, at some point.  But, Hmm… I have to give “today” a thought…for a minute.  I did just wake up, an hour ago, and now am sitting at my computer, with my cup of coffee, the window to my right side, not showing any signs of new brightness out there yet, and realized that I’m not quite sure how I’m feeling now.

Hopeful.  I want to say, “Hopeful…” because that is the one effect that should always go ahead of the line…if you will…just in case no other helpful sensations race to the forefront.  Sometimes, when the mind is cloudy, it makes it difficult to think clearly; but when I call and bring “Hope” to me, and fix it there, in front of me, at least then I’m safe and have the time and options to define the bigger picture.

Ah…yes…  I can experience anything that I want to experience, merely by focusing, concentrating, on the theme & effects.  For, indeed, all, emotions are, available, by choice.  We can choose to feel happy, or we can choose to feel miserable.  It’s all up to us, who are the masters of our thoughts and feelings, how we want to feel, at any given time.  It never should have anything to do with what’s going on outside.  The outside already has this or that challenge, with which to contend, and sometimes could take for…ever to change its course and make you… happy.

It’s what’s going on, on the inside of me, that should ever be of more concern to me, that would make the difference in my life, and in the lives of those around me.  For who, on a bright and sunny day, wants a crab-ass in their midst, dampening the happy mood with all sorts smelly winds and garbled forecasts… [!?!]!  I’ve been a “crab-ass” in my time, and I know the joy that I have stolen from, even my loved ones, because of it!  Not cool to do!

Hence, this day of writing blogs, and asking my self that question, I need to get busy, deciding how I’m going to feel today and how I’m going to act [behave] around those lovely people, [family]; that probably are praying I’ll be sunnier and warmer today!  Cause, man-0-man, could I give a person a run, for their money, and make them sweat!  LOL!  It’s been fun.  Thank you.  😉