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I’m no fan of the news, be it; by television, computer or the airwaves! Nor by “word of mouth” either: especially so when it’s bad news.  There’s just something about bad news that doesn’t sit right with my psyche.  When I hear of it or view the details, I grow ill, for days.  Then I have trouble shaking it off!

To me, bad stuff isn’t supposed to be happening, anywhere in this world.  But from the looks of life these days, it seems that not only is bad stuff the norm, it also is increasing and spreading very quickly like wildfire.  People scoff at the Bible, for all sorts of reasons, yet, I see the Bible as unfolding right before my very eyes!

Now, I get the reality that bad situations and bad people have been a part of the picture since the beginning of time or creation, but, my goodness; can’t mankind control his or her actions?  Must they always “not guard” their own hearts and realize that from it do the issues of life spring forth?  Or must we all wait for some tragedy to ensue, before people comprehend the crucial need for each of us to control our own behavior?

A few people have said to me that I should watch the news, as it’s important that I keep myself informed of what’s going on in the world.  Yes, I get it.  I could suddenly notice that everyone in my neighborhood is running down the street as if looking to take cover from some other thing chasing after them!  And then what?  You, Chris, would be asking yourself, What’s going on, why are people frantic and petrified and running for their lives?  Why are they screaming and in so much panic?  Who or what are they running from?  And…are you and yours in any danger?  I get all of that; and I get also, that, daily, I ask God to keep me, and mine, safe within the Dome of His Protection.

Look.  It’s bad enough that life on earth is no picnic; personally, I have experienced a lot of harm and hurt at the hands of people; I know what’s going on; I know the deal!  And I also know that someday I won’t be around anymore.  So…until that time comes, why not give myself the comfort of harmony and quiet, peaceful living; safely, in the courts of the Lord.

You may not believe in Him or that it’s possible to go unscathed, even within that odd protection; until our time is up.  But my take is that, until something major does happen, I am to enjoy my everyday life.  And hearing all about that bad stuff isn’t going to add to that, more wholesome, quality of life.  If anything, it’s going to rob me (and you, if you let it) of what joy could be experienced, until a switch, from it, comes.

Things will happen; it’s the norm these days, right?  But that’s when we all, by then, ought to have a super-thick foundation in faith and loads of God-given knowledge, to beat the odds.  Never wait for something awful to take place, to then try to figure out how to handle it, how to cope, and how to rise above it.

For me, personally situating myself within the Kingdom of God is the best place to be: no matter what goes on around me.  Because it is a realm, if you will, (a state of heart and mind), much different from the one that we witness, here on earth.  Provision is there, safety is there, peace, calmness, and security, all are there, within the Kingdom of Heaven.  Just like this place here has a touch of heaven on earth and hell on earth, so can I choose the one effect that I like most, and live by it.  Indeed, no [bad] news is, good news!

Have a lovely day…