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I did a show, over on ChrisCross Radio, with the topic name: Science vs Religion. The show was a success, in terms of listening audience, downloads, and panel.  But it left me thinking about everything said, and everything that I didn’t say.  I hosted the show, and had to stay neutral and only ask alternate questions, shared with my co-host.  I did break that rule though, and jumped in, with a viewpoint or two.  But, again, here am I today to blog the after thought.  So, here goes everything.

I’m on the side of God, [of Jesus], with an open mind to Science and a closed mind to Religion.  First, to me, Religion, with its many, diverse branches, and cutting-edge branding, still serves to confuse the naive mind, with all the muscle-flexing, arrows flying, that goes on between the denominations.  I still wonder, when are the religions going to stop being so busy being “different” and realize that more important, than competing with one another, is the masses of souls, out there, looking perhaps to “religion” to actually lead them [their hearts] to God for some real (personal) comfort and direction?  Yes, Science is here and doing what its good purpose is, called, to do; why isn’t religion doing just that, as well, and actually introducing people to God and God to people?

Personally, I didn’t find God in church, even though I went to many of its sectors, when seeking Him; I met God in the privacy of my home, while alone and in need of comfort and direction.

To me, God and Science can live together, in harmony…peacefully.  While they are two, completely different fields of thought; they [each] serve his own purposes for existing.  If “God” doesn’t exist then why all the protest against the idea that he does, and all the fighting that goes on to disproof him and remove Him from nearly everywhere and every thing?  He doesn’t exist, says the atheist mind!  Then… leave it alone, says I, for you seem silly, warding off the nonexistent.

If God does exist, then know that He is here, invisible and all, as the God of hearts – not the God of the physical world only, but more to the point: the God of hearts, as well: my heart, and your heart, if you let it be, that way.  Trying to prove, to anybody, that God “exists” is, as ridiculous, and difficult, and wrong to do, as is proving that Science doesn’t exist!  Just think, how asinine, it [would] be, of me, to go around protesting Science, saying that it, isn’t real…doesn’t exist… and is bad for you.  LOL!

But, just as that picture is backwards, so is the other picture, backwards; that insists that God isn’t real…doesn’t exist… and is bad for you!  For, how would anybody know exactly what goes on in the heart and spirit of another human being?  Impossible, to know!  That discovery; that penetration into the heart, mind, soul and spirit of human beings: never has been WON; to the degree that I’m referring to; by science, medicine, man or woman on this planet, dead or alive.

Yes, we’ve conquered the beating organs, named “heart” and “brain and know how these function; but, solely, each person knows privately the goings on within his and her [own] mind and spirit, and no one else; not even Science, religion, or medicine can top that one and claim such victory over the existence of each person! So, to say that God is anything but present there, or even not the Creator of such original organisms, as possesses human beings, downright is nothing but a, opinion.  And that, my dear, doesn’t make any of us exceptionally special; for, as like noses; that everybody has one and no two noses are alike; so are “opinions” fixed that way.

Me?  I’m glad we have both, Science and God, for, while one tells me about this ever-changing, colorful world; the other One, steady as a Rock, personally comforts me and shows me the direction through … this unique place: Earth.  Perhaps I should have titled the show “Science and God” because, I noticed, with “science vs religion,” an age-old argument that really has gotten people nowhere, any time that such a “competition” has come into play.  In part, I feel I wasted airtime and energy, producing that show, for it did lend-to humans flexing muscles and going round and around the same [unclimbed] mountain.

What says you, about this?