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I have been in a fog lately.  Yes, I do what I’m supposed to do each day; and I do it with a level of ability that holds few flaws, but I call that “going through the motions.”  Being so conditioned for my role, I could practically do it all, blindfolded!  Where’s the excitement in that?  There isn’t any.  That’s the problem.  And if asked, what new thing would you like to do?  I haven’t any answers.

I don’t know if it’s a fog, really, what I’m facing; it could be, menopause, for all I know!  Nonetheless, it feels more like a bit of disappointment… dissatisfaction… and depression.  Ah…yes… the 3-Ds!  Let me not shock you with this, but, to me, the three D’s are lifelines to and from Satan, the Devil!  The master of all disparage, dissension, destruction and desolation; not to mention: disappointment, dissatisfaction and depression!  Brrr!

Knowing this, though, how is it then that I continue in that mode, and not change it?  Lack of strength, and the will to “fight” it off, I suppose?  It gets tiring.  Seems that life greatly consists of battle; constant battle, for which we need strength, if we’re ever to win.  And, after a while, I grow weary, in always wrangling [with the devil, and with people, too; and myself, sometimes] to find my rightful place in this earth and just be, at peace!

The Bible suggests that that’s the time to “put on the full armor of God,” (see Ephesians 6:10), as the “good fight” is a huge, and peculiar one!  And I “get it”; the message is clear; to the point that one airs away the fog and does what he or she knows is wisest to do!

To me, this means throwing caution to the wind, giving up the fight, and just moving on; from all this crap…this…this… constant battle for harmony, tranquility; and artful living, if that [<—] means anything!  (It’s just my way of expressing myself, that’s all.)  At any rate…

More things & effects shall come, when you’re trying to move forward, and shall stand in the way, of progress; it’s a way of life with life, you know.  And, woe, is you or me, should we not have something, a creative outlet… something nice and interesting, to fall back on, for then we’re walking into the sunset, aimlessly and with nothing to cultivate and develop.

Dreams…yes…dreams, and hopes and wishes, greatly are, needed; greatly are an integral part, of surviving, or, better yet: of completely rising above the filthy terrain the “D” one prefers we stay in, and riding the wave!  But it takes muscle, a bit [or a lot] of, mindful work, to just throw down the devil-at-work, step over him, and move forward in the likes of people who really do own the earth and have complete authority over all of it.

You know… I think I’m starting to feel better, already.  I’m seeing the light; I’m seeing what it is, that I’m supposed to do with all of this, and I’m going to go ahead, and just let go, of the fight, and press on, while I let God fight all my battles!  I’m going to decide precisely what it is that I want and then go after it.  If this happens to ruffle your feathers, [directing this at a particular person] then, I’m sorry; but now, for me, it’s – do, or die, and I am important, even if to only my self.

Have a good day, everyone, with life in 3D: dancing, dining, and dreaming…