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Don’t ask me where I got that title from!  I was experiencing a bit of writer’s block, gave thought to the current me, and realized that I do have something about which to write.

Selfishly…self-less.  This simply means that I decide to set myself aside for the interests of others.  That I do it on purpose…selfishly.  That I am selfish about being self-lessMan…wait!  I don’t know that I like the sound of that, now that I think of it.  …

Or… there really isn’t anything wrong with being selfless… is there?  I know that being “selfish” isn’t attractive; it’s like being a, hoarders, and that, my friend, turns me off, to no end!  But entirely self-less, and on purpose?  This is where a person could get run-over, by those that stomp in to do takeovers!  And that’s not cool!

OK, then, let’s give it a healthy balance!  True; that we shouldn’t be selfish; it rings hoar-dish… very unattractive; but also true; that being selfless is a beautiful thing when it comes to “giving.”  Then again, true; that sometimes we need to be selfish, or people will take complete and utter advantage of us!  But, again, why do we hold on to things, when we know that none of it goes with us when we leave this curious place called Earth!  Someone else could benefit from some of your things.  Ah… so what that people “take, take, take” when things or affects go offered to them?  That’s on them, if they “take, take, take” without a bone of grace and gratitude!  At least, as a “giver,” you mount up the rewards you’ve earned for your giving, and “good” then comes back to you, a hundred-fold!  So, please, GIVE!

I guess what I’m trying to say is… that I’ve been accused of not being a “giver” and that judgement of me isn’t entirely true.  I may not give the way that you expect me to give, but I am selfless when it comes to the things that I do give, and never “remind” you that I gave this, that and the third to you.  I’m into helping people…into “giving” and seeing that I use my power and influence to its fullest extent when promoting you or your cause or your needs.  But, if all I could do, then, is what I’m willing and able to give, then be happy with that and learn to appreciate what you have received!

Indeed, I’m selfishly self-less, and, for starters, that is why I do radio, as a hobby!  It is my way of “giving” – selflessly – of my time, energy and resources, to see that my guests and their talents go exposed and promoted, worldwide; on a global scale or why do radio!  This endeavor entails hard work, long hours, and much pushing past my shyness and irking fears of rejection, with little returns, in many ways.  I’m not in it for the money or for applause; I do it because I know what it’s like to be a [new] artist, floundering around in UN-chartered waters, and no one notice or care that I have talent, been dedicated to my cause, and would like to inspire you as much as, earn my living, without having to depend on others for aid.

Of course, I “give” in other ways, from home base, in my personal life, as much as I can and to whomever is in my company or whomever I believe is in need of receiving something from my giving.  And I never demand something in return, for my giving!  True, it is, though, that sometimes, from a distance, giving the good you can give has a deeper and more-lasting effect.  Therefore, I’m happy to be, selfishly selfless!