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No doubt, that life can sometimes get us down…could make us believe that we have no hope…no chance of progressing in those areas that we consider important.  However, when we really think about it, “life” isn’t the problem.  The problem is “circumstances” and that we fix our focus on ours and then derive our hopelessness from it.

If you notice, life itself isn’t bothering any one of us; life, by its own merits, is good, is a, good thing; life serves as our breathing mechanism and the carriage that gets us through time, each day.  That’s life for ya!  Circumstances: now, that’s the kicker, in the midst of it all.

No one has perfect circumstances, all the time.  If it isn’t one thing, it another, in this world!  Circumstances are, ever-changing and challenging us, to no end.  Just think how great you feel and how wonderful “life” is, when things [circumstances] are going your way.  Alter the circumstances, and your feelings change with the alteration.  And the reason that your feelings even end up altered now, has to do with the amount of focus / concentration that you lend to the new set of circumstances.

I say, be mindful of these blended effects; take heed of each tier: “life is good” vs “circumstances trouble you”; and, no matter what, realize that God the Father loves you; you are not alone, and therefore, you could be, ever hopeful…