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Just thinking about the challenges I now face. There are many, for me to overcome! At the same time though, I think back to the countless times that my God and Savior, Jesus Christ came to my rescue, and I can’t help but to realize that all the worrying and fretting I put myself through is simply wasted energy…misdirected focus, and it has to stop!  Granted, it isn’t wise to turn a blind eye to our “problems” and ignore them.  Some of our problems, we created and should take action to repair them.  However, other problems come at us from out of the blue and prove out of our hands to control them!  When those types of challenges hit my life, is when I literally act as though it isn’t my problem and I shouldn’t involve myself in fixing any of it!  For a very good reason, we have a God above; and He yearns to help us, even when we’re the culprit that messed things up in our lives.  My point is, let go, and actually let God…lead the way.

More on this, tomorrow.