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Mind over matter… Now that is something that we tend to dis-remember when facing all sorts of problems.  We forget, that our mind is a powerful thing; that we have the power to choose the thoughts that we’ll entertain.  Also, that our thoughts determine our feelings…  The mind is a terrible thing to waste, someone quoted one day.  I don’t know who, but I couldn’t agree more.  The mind is a terrible thing to waste, especially since we could use ours to produce so much good in our lives, but rarely give this much thought!  I chose this image, primarily to point out that life does pass us by, rather quickly these days.  Those were Victorian days, when that woman was writing, and here we are, several centuries later, reading this blog.  This indicates to me that this, [the problems you’re facing and the problems that I’m facing], too, shall pass.  So, why bother to fret and worry, and get all twisted, over the cares of life!  We can easily apply, mind over matter, to any situation and live life far more carefree.

I have had to apply this force, of mind over matter, to my life lately, or I would be a basket case!  The world is a different place today and much has risen to come against us, and challenge us and even pull the rug out from under us!  I have had to quit focusing and staring at the “Goliath” in my life, because it’s done nothing but made me think that I’m defeated and that for me there’s little hope!

In doing so though, I first wanted to make sure that my mind proves well-equipped with the presence of God and His Word; that I genuinely am in relationship with the Lord, as I walk-out the process of “mind” over matter.  You can’t just leap into this “mind over matter” bit, with an empty head; the wolves would surely get you!  No!  You have to have a survival knapsack when going into this sort of battle, so that when unpleasant situations come at you they go weakened by the swords [or sling shots] in your possession.

For me, what works is believing that God has my back; that He is watching over me, and protecting me, on the spot, and providing ALL of my needs, at every turn!  And that, therefore, I may release all situations to him, go, and have a great and happy day, and not give a second thought to the idea that I must somehow look after myself in such problems.  God’s got this!  All else, is simply mind over matter.