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Many things can cause us fear, be they real or imagined!  Fear, then leads to making us afraid, so much so sometimes, that paralyzed is what we become within the idea that we have no way out and are hopeless and helpless!  While fear, induced by violent events, is a plausible actuality, fear also equally stems from our thought-life and from a deep sense of insecurity and lonesomeness.  A million people may surround us, people that we know and trust, but, isn’t it true that, we may also at times feel disconnected, isolated, and very alone, in the midst of the crowd?  Countless are the times that I have wept, amid a circle of people, and no one even noticed!  How is that possible?  We hide our inner, scared selves, very well, behind our smiles and too often are too  preoccupied with self to notice the silent suffering of others.  Nevertheless, fear is an enemy that must go conquered!

Throughout my life, I have experienced many occasions when fear showed up, gripped me and wouldn’t let me go!  Fear; of rejection, or poverty, or betrayal, and danger, or of loss, and loved ones going harmed, or of love, of all things!  All, have visited me; and is a heavy force, in and of itself, when given that power!  It is a great, big world out there, what we live in, for us to feel alone and unprotected, as well!  Something or other has-to, be larger than life, much more powerful than is fear, and on our side, if, in our troubles and lonesomeness, we are ever to make it through this planet, unscathed!

God, is the answer!

Between you and I, I both resent and marvel the bittersweet mockery: that people run to “God,” out of fear or because they are weaklings!  Many a laughable “anti-Christ” have spread that two-fold verity; when they are as human as am I, subject to worse grips of fear, if not careful, and “not there” as rescuer from all causes of fear!  And yet, they are correct; us weaklings, small as we be, are wise enough to recognize when God proves needed on the job, is there for us, and we RUN to Him!

At any rate, forgoing the mockers; others, wiser than any of us, one day said that fear is, “False Evidence Appearing Real!” and that’s pretty-good news!  And, “Perfect love casts out all fear!”  Conversely, if you ever heard the term: “There is nothing to fear, but fear itself,” ignore the stupidity; in such a case, you would experience fear if there is nothing but fear to fear! 😉

More to the point, many are those occasions when a situation shows up and in the door comes fear, with it, uninvited and intrusive!  Now you have two devils to beat down: the unpleasant situation and the lanky spirit in Tuxedo; that came but only to haunt you!  No…!  When that happens [and it will], rise up, quickly, know who you are in Christ, and open fire at it!  Begin shooting it down, until you’ve ended its ominous presence in your life; let every hit you give it be those awesome scriptures, that God gave us all, what you use as your weapons for the warfare!  Even if soiling your pants, from fear, and thinking the worst-case scenario: do it, “afraid” but, darn it, do it!  Indeed, you so may accept that God loves you, that He cares about what you go through and what happens to you; that He is ever-present, watching over you with fixed focus and ready to rescue you when you’ve done your part to set things right!  We aren’t “alone” in life or in any situation, no matter what creepy tales the voice of fear tries to tell you!  Let it all go, give it to God, and go and conduct yourself as someone who hasn’t a problem in this world and is just here, enjoying life!

That is how I conquer fear!  Now, choose your smile!