Today I was going to go to the town pool with a friend and my daughter.  We were going to have lunch, and swim, and read books and just relax in the sun for a few hours.  My friend had gone ahead of us to reserve our lounge chairs, and my daughter and I went to the supermarket beforehand, to buy cold drinks and snacks to take with us.  While at the store, my friend phoned me to say they charged her $15.00 to get in; and not the $7 that we initially were told it costs!  This stopped me in my tracks, because, with money being tight these days, I couldn’t afford to pay $30 for my child and me.

I let off the phone with my friend and broke the news to my daughter.  I took the change in plans a little harder than did my teenager, as I felt sorry for her; she took it in stride and suggested that we instead buy the fixings for her famous Tacos and go home.  Beautifully so, disappointment eluded us, whence to fruition came the lovely scripture, Proverbs 19: 21, “Many plans are in a man’s mind, but it is the Lord’s purpose for him that will stand.”  [Amp].  In the end, it all turned out right.  My daughter made us Tacos, and afterwards, I took a nap, and she got a call to baby-sit for $60!  In short, be always open to God’s plans, you won’t regret it!