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This is an old concept, with a new twist.  The “believe” [in God] idea.  Man has believed in God since the beginning of humankind.  Even if it has disobeyed God, mankind has also known God in a personal way.  Many are [and have been] those that would read this blog, and say, “I knew that!” because his and her belief in the Lord has been that strong.

Present-day challenges are anything, but easy to rise above, on our own, without God’s help!  Called, we are, to relinquish all that we have relied on, up to now, and place our complete trust and sole belief in the Lord and His ability to carry us.  To some folks that comes very easily; to me, well, it’s the newest challenge!  Not that I don’t already believe God or that I don’t believe in Him, but I’ll be danged, if the challenges in my life don’t rattle my nerves, make me afraid, and shake me up a bit!  That’s the problem.  It’s a “constant,” what challenges I must face and endure and deal with, nearly at every turn!

I once used to presume that, at some point, life on earth would be a walk in the park, a trouble-free place; that “problems” would end and I would finally experience Paradise…  I actually believed that notion.  How silly of me, how foolish of me to think along those lines!  The thing that I was to get right was my relationship with God, above all other ideas.  I hadn’t really decided how “set apart” we all are from the goings on of this world.  That we have these situations and circumstances, and problems, here on the earth, and yet, as these are passing states of one’s affairs, we are a completely separate situation.  I liken it to, say, an apple pie vs. a kitchen; they go together but aren’t one in the same.  You can eat an apple pie, but not the kitchen, if that makes any kind of sense.  Or sea-world; you can swim with the fish, but you aren’t a fish.  OK, let me get back to what I’m trying to say!  🙂

Increasingly, people [in the know] tell us to “let go and let God,” when situations seem as “out of our control.”  When you have tried everything in your power to repair situations and change circumstances to favor you, and you meet with resistance [as the problem grows larger] you are to completely surrender the reigns and move out of God’s way so that He fixes things for you!  That’s hard to do!  Lord, forgive me, but it’s true; it is very difficult to “let go and let God” when, say, you’re several months in arrears on your mortgage and are possibly facing homelessness, or when you lost your job and aren’t going hired, anywhere, any time soon, and God is slow in coming to the rescue!  When you spent a lifetime, fighting off problems and situations and unpleasing circumstances, and still not gotten very far in life and have felt that it’s up to you to fix the problems!  It’s very hard to just literally LET GO and let God – without a shred of fear or uncertainty in our hearts!  But…what other choice do we have, when such is the challenge?  We’ve tried everything else and none of it has worked!

Finally, I’m beginning to see…that I’m to explore God, travel in Him, more so than simply experience every circumstance that comes my way and then cry out to him for help!  If I know God is good then I must know that I’m safe in his hands.  God holds my next breath; He owns me, but he also loves me…has my best interest at heart and good plans in mind for me.

Literally, I am to let go, and let God!  And, for me, that’s the newest challenge.