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Fully Trusting God

I used to have great difficulty in fully trusting God.  I suppose because, in this world, conditioned, we are, to handle our own business, take care of our self, work our fingers to the bone, and pay our own bills!  And yet, mankind has set up such a system to do it all without God.  In that system, God is way up there, in heaven somewhere, and we’re down here, doing our own thing.  “Who needs God?” we often think, and go on our merry way to build the kind of life we believe our personal power can handle.  And, for a long time, we seem powerful enough and capable plenty to pull it off!

But what happens, when our system suddenly goes struck by some unforeseen event and everything begins to crumble, much like we’re seeing unfold these days?  What then?  We did life our way and now that everything fell apart, we turn our fists towards the heavens and blame “God” for the misfortune!  Moreover, while God seems to sit silently, we scramble around, as some nerve-rattled chickens, trying everything in our limited power to patch up the broken pieces of our lives and gain back the empire we had built for our selves.  What a sad state of affairs that is!

I don’t doubt that God sits there; looking upon us, and shaking his head in pity, as the bunch of us nervously move quickly now, looking for ways to get out of the new and unpleasing circumstances befallen us!  Here we are, forced to come to our selves, to our senses and notice that we need God, and still; ignoring our superior role; are doing our best to conquer the present Goliath with our bear hands.  Are we dumb, or what?  I know I was!  Are we so egotistical that we actually believe we don’t need God’s Grace to help us?  If your answer to that question is yes, then have fun trying to rebuild the Babylonian system out of the current world chaos!  Remember: “man” built it and “man” ruined it!

To have peace, in the turmoil, and be fully provided for in the midst of it all, one must remove his self from every shred of the world’s system, from every concern with it or by it or for it, and walk plainly with God.  Plainly, in that this walk becomes a union between you and God and you have the assurance and confidence that the Lord is your caregiver, leading you to the true success your heart has desired.

If you’re out of a job, God will get you to one!  If you’re ill, by His Stripes, you already were healed, so act as if so!  If you’re on the verge of homelessness, God is leading you to a new residence, be patient!  But, most of all, unafraid is what you ought to be in your new walk with God!  I know that’s hard to do, it is a challenge, for sure, because no one has ever really taught us how to completely, blindly trust God; in a word: we have to see it to believe it!  But God wants us to believe it and then we’ll see it.

Whatever we need, God has and shall continue to give it.  We have to have courage, that’s what it takes to fully trusting God.