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Many people today are without a job, which translates: bills pile up and homelessness becomes a real possibility!  Or they maybe have a job but the pay isn’t enough to meet the demands, of household bills and so forth, and new employment, well, that used to be a good dream; all of which translates: enormous stress to the mind and body!

When we cry out to God, the salvation package that He delivers isn’t small!  When God rescues us, He does it in a big way!  The salvation package that He brings comes complete with peace, relief, calmness, abundance, joy, gladness, awe; and money, food, a new car, a new job, a new residence; and a renewed sense of complete gratitude and trust in Him!  But there’s a catch to all of this!

Patience!  And “thankfulness” and “confidence” [in Him] that the salvation package is on its way!

We seem OK, when we want something, place an order for it, and have to wait 4 to 6 weeks for delivery.  Well then, why are we so hard-pressed when we’ve asked God for something and it seems He takes his sweet time delivering it?  We must apply the same principle of “patience” in that instance as well.

If you promise a friend that you’ll come over for a visit, but you live a distance from that friend, you know that to get there you’ll have much traveling and maneuvering to do, before you actually arrive.  It would be, silly, for your friend to expect you to arrive within 5 minutes of making the agreement with you.  Unless you’re a Genie, and can blink and arrive at your friend’s house within seconds; the journey towards that visit is going to take some time, and, more than likely, you won’t show up empty-handed and your presence will make someone very happy!

It’s the same principle, when asking God for something.  God isn’t a Genie; He’s our Savior, and with him comes the salvation package

I’d rather wait for the salvation package and never let go of God, than to have everything I ask for, in an instant, and lose sight of the Lord Who never fails me!