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I look at this photo and feel comforted by the Presence that I see there.  Of course, seeing a teardrop on God’s face saddens me because it means He longs for His creation to understand His love for us, and so many souls just don get it!  Nevertheless, I grasp it, as I am sure that many people as well, get it; His message of love, provision, protection and relationship.  I heard someone recently say, “This world is quickly going to hell in a hand-basket!” and the thought of it sickened me, although the way things are going in our world today surely makes it seem plausible!  What a sad state of affairs, what a shame, that human beings abide in this world with a mindset that makes them believe they are so darn powerful they can beat down even death; that they don’t need God, at all!

I find that notion, is the height of arrogance!  What, did that such person create his or her own self?  Was he or she the one to intricately design his or her own body and soul, mind and spirit, oh, and eyeballs and organs?  Even if they say they came from their parents, the parents also came from somewhere special, as did the rest of humanity.

I wonder, why do people today still reject Jesus?  Long ago they rejected him as well, and that didn’t “kill him off!”  Nothing killed him off!  If anything, He lives with more potency now, in Spirit, than when the disciples had Him in their company!  Man may have nailed Him to that cross, and caused Jesus to die, but, first, that was God’s plan; not that man could take the credit for it; man was purely the “tool” that God used: to carry out His plan.  And Jesus still lives!  So, to think that we could kill Jesus off, by rejecting Him now, is such a foolish and wasted idea!

It’s like having a best friend in our corner, but shutting him out because we don’t recognize his value.  It suggests the “Antiques Road Show,” and how people bring in items to have them appraised and they find out that the item they found in the garbage, let’s say, is actually worth thousands of dollars!  Ever notice how big those people then smile, when they realize the true worth of the antique piece?

Personally, glad, I am, that I’m one of those persons that recognized Jesus’ value the moment that my heart and eyes opened to him.  And I don’t even need to see Him to believe Him!  Apart from Him, I can do nothing!  Without Him, I wouldn’t make it in this failing world; I’d have a spot inside that hand-basket, heading somewhere quite terrible!  In His corner, and with His help, and love and provision, and protection and relationship, I’m more valuable today as I go changing with the times.