13853_1179239961336_1238274531_30471739_2524626_aBehind the veneer of our appearances, each person is born with a natural touch of pride.  The good kind of pride; the kind of modesty that knows that its bearer went graced with a life drenched in an abundance of everything good and has a divine right to enjoy it.  If we hadn’t been born with this privilege we wouldn’t grow so disheartened when the going gets rough.  We wouldn’t grow so anxious and worried, and even hopeless at times, when the “good life” seems out of our reach.  We feel the adversity because it goes against the natural order of the creation of us.  These days I find that a large majority of people are giving off the impression that they aren’t feeling the pinch of the bad economy.  They seem to be hiding the truth, of just how bad things really are in his and her finances, behind their pride and fleeting smiles.

We need not be ashamed of where we are, in that respect.  If we have no money, we should be able to express that openly, without the fear that we might seem diminished in the eyes of the beholders.  Why fake the truth when we all know the global economy, at its worst lately, has spread to everyone, but the 1% of the billionaires in our society.  I think that by being real, with each other, we have a better chance at helping one another weather the storm.  The upshot of a bad economy is that we down-size our lives a bit and live more simple.  Also, that we relinquish the reigns (to control) over to our Maker and sit back and relax as our “Savior” provides for us and carries us through these times.  Almost everyone I know is hit with serious money troubles; we aren’t alone!  So, what is the worst thing that could happen to you or to me, when including our “creditors” are in debt?  I say, continue to do your best to rise above the global financial crisis, but don’t lose heart when it seems you aren’t getting very far and don’t react from desperation when the pressure is on.  Trust in God Who knows ahead of time precisely the good that each of us would walk into as long as our hearts are in the right place.

As for me, I’m coming out from behind the veneer of false pride, and living it up under the care of my lovely God.