Happy New Year!The world-over celebrates “New Year” with gusto!  As seen in this photo, we break out the champagne and the fireworks!  We go all out, with parties and dancing.  We make “New Years Resolutions” and a New Years Wish, at the stroke of midnight, or right before it or afterwards.  This has been tradition for eons of time.  But today I wondered why that is. Why is the turnover of a new year such a big deal?  With every new year we’re only getting older.  And, yes, for the most part, we’re glad to see another [troubled] year behind us, but doesn’t every year come with its own troubles?  So, exactly why do we Celebrate New Years?

Ah!  It doesn’t really matter why the world parties-hearty on New Years Eve/New Years Day.  I’m always glad that a long, dragged-out, challenging year comes to a close and a “new opportunity” ushers inward, with the new year.  The anticipation inspires me; it fills me with hope and thrills me with a quiet excitement; it affords me the chance to give this thing we call “life” another round and then to watch as it unfolds what it’s got in store for me.  I always hope for the best, and that’s what I’m doing right now: hoping for the best in 2015.

Happy New Year!  May all your dreams, your hopes, and your wishes, all come true, and may you actually accomplish your New Years Resolutions, too!