You’ve heard of that saying before, yes?  No news is good news…  Well, that is true, when anticipating a response to… say… an interview for a job and whether they’re hiring you.  In this case though, I was referring to news casts, on television, and boycotting them!

I had to abstain from watching or reading too much of its dark side, and I am all the happier for it!  I understand that it’s important to know what’s going on, out there in the world, to keep informed, lest there be some calamity and I be caught unprepared!  But the condition this world appears in is so darn wicked and dire that I prefer to get as much of a dream world, my dream world, into me, as I possibly can!  Why hear or read about the bad and the ugliness orbiting around us every moment of every day, and have to live with it in my thoughts, also?  It’s already allegedly occurring out there; I don’t need it influencing my brand of world peace, too.

Many have warned me (or mocked me) that I “live in a dream world,” as if living there were a bad thing.  I’m here to suggest that having a dream-world is the smartest, healthiest, most realistic thing a person can do!  It means we’re in touch with how life on earth really is meant to be lived; it means that we believe in the good and in the wellness that is ours.  Opting to live in our own dream world demonstrates that we have one in us, that it came with us from the beginning; that we like it, it’s full of life, joy, peace and happiness; and prefer it, to all this other sinister goings-on, outside of our inner life.  How is that a bad thing?

Here’s the thing: every bad thing that we read about, watch, and hear of, all stem from the unguarded hearts of mankind that let those issues flow.  All of the violence, the trickery, the corruption and waywardness that we see amass is the “collective consciousness” of all those people not living up to the same wellbeing that every human being has within him and herself.  They are full of unrest, they weary distorted pride, and, short-changing their selves, they demand to have mankind and life go their way, in that unsightly fashion.  And why should we, who oppose those kinds of selfish evil activities, have to live with any of it?  They can do their own thinking and I can do my own!

No news is good news!  My dream world is safe, clean, and wholesome, with nothing missing and nothing broken.  I can build and expand from it.  I can live in it; penetrate it, color it my way, and stick with it, until it overtakes me as the heaven on earth that I dare say we all want!

No news is good news. We live by faith, not by sight, and that is the good news!