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You already have whatever you want, believe it!  That’s the kind of suggestion I keep hearing, seeing, and looking for, everywhere that I go.  But putting it into practice seems to be a hurdle that I must rise above!  Sometimes it’s easier said than done.  I’m assuming that unless you’re already wealthy you’re going to struggle with the action part of such great suggestion.  Because what we ask for might not come as quickly as we hope, and this delay sets us up for possible unbelief and prolonged conflict.

That’s been my dilemma for several years now; I’ve asked for certain circumstances to unfold in my life; I’ve been clear and concise when asking for these things to happen to me or for me, but have watched the years go by with no materialization of what I’ve asked for. And, to be honest, the absence of it has caused me more internal battle than I care to deal with, at this point in my life!

Believe that you already have it and it shall be yours. This advice comes from many sources: from the Bible, to The Secret, to the Teachings of Abraham, and others who uphold the same belief; and it all sounds good and right and encouraging, until I try to practice the “believe you already have it” part!  Part of the “believe you already have it” idea consists of me, comporting myself, as the person I would be when that thing happens to me. I’ve done plenty of play-acting, playing make-believe, pretending that I already have what I’ve prayerfully asked for; think it, feel it, visualize it, dream it, vibrate to it; I’ve done it all! However, before long, I grow frustrated, disappointed, discouraged, and doubtful, because commonsense ends up laughing at me and pointing out things, such as, you dummy, life is what it is and you’ll just have to accept it as such!  UGH! I don’t want to hear that crap!

I know that I’m not alone in this. Many people relate to my dilemma. What I would like to know is what’s this “blockage” that keeps getting in the way of my having, in my possession, precisely what I’ve asked for! I’ve gone as far as growing envious of my Higher Self, because she has everything, is everything, and does every…thing that I want to experience while still here on the earth plane! She experiences this with ease, in fact, it’s the only life that she knows and nothing impedes her from expanding and experiencing the full scope of anything her heart desires! All of it is at her disposal, at her fingertips, and her life just keeps getting better, and better. Why can’t I, whom is her, in the physical sense, undergo the same, full on, experience! Talk about frustration; I can feel it overwhelm me as I write this blog!

As well, I have made the mistake of looking at people and thinking how nice it would be if they would supply [any of] my needs. How unfair of me to think that way. Everyone is as limited as I am, in the execution of supplying anyone’s complete needs. I’m having trouble trying to supply my own needs, what makes me think it isn’t the same with others. We’re all in the same boat; we’re all going through something all our own, and everyone wants the same thing: that life be as each of us wish that it would be. I can’t depend on others to see me through; I have to depend on my own resourcefulness, on my own creation of my own life, and upon God Who is here to aid me and guide me.

More to the point: if Jesus said it that settles it! That is my motto, and yet I still struggle with this? Well, not anymore; this time around I am going to start enjoying “what is” –with the mindset that, what is, is temporary and going to change at the right time. No more sweating it, battling it, trying to make it happen, or fearing that it won’t happen for me! This go-around, since I’ve already more-than placed my order, I am going to let it go and be gentler with myself, kinder to myself, and start appreciating every phase that I undergo. I have to “trust” God, at all times, because He loves me, therefore, I shall place my life in His hands, without a fuss. I have to give the Universe time to shift things in my favor, and believe that I already have everything that I asked for, as this may be the course of action that walks me right into the life experience I have prayed to endure.

God is no liar, and my higher self is a true and living being who is in agreement with me that I am to experience, on earth, what she’s already experiencing inside of me. She and I are one. And now it’s only a matter of shrinking the space between her and I, so that I finally get to experience life in the fullness of joy, peace, and prosperity, which are our birthright to explore and live-out. Oh, my goodness; I think I’ve just talked myself right into “happy!”

I have work to do, on myself. I hope that this blog has pointed you in that right direction too. You already have it: believe it! Start believing it by enjoying your current phase and the upcoming ones, making sure that you not veer from your path to complete wellness and wellbeing. You have your dreams locked deep within you, even if they’ve [temporarily] disappeared behind the clouds of what is. Be gentle with yourself, be kinder to yourself. Take a nice walk, watch a good movie, get creative, soak yourself in a bubble bath, listen to soothing music, dream, visualize the future that you want. Have conversations with God; your Source Energy is a good listener! But, most of all, love yourself!