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I love Bitstrips! So much so that, with its help, I put together a little story titled “A Day in the Life of Christina: Biti Series“. The story has 15 episodes, under Season 1. I had a great time writing and creating the Biti series, and am perpetually grateful for the friends and family members who partook in the story. An obvious improvement to the story shows up as the story unfolds. At first, I didn’t really know what I was doing while handling Bitstrips; I was just throwing the scenes together as they evolved; but as the later episodes came to be, I was adding sound effects to the episodes, and timing the frames with more seconds for the slower readers. I hadn’t laughed in a while, before the Biti series, but once I got started on the story, I found myself laughing my head off, aloud, sometimes at 3:00 AM, by myself, because the story itself is that comical.

Click here –> Biti series, to check out the story, on my YouTube channel. It may put a smile on your face, too. 😉