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BeJustLikeMeWhy do we yearn for happiness, when we feel none, or for peace, and comfort, security, safety, and for love and affection, or for money and abundance of material wealth, for fun times and good times?  Some of us want it so badly, we would give anything to have it.

At some point in our lives, we’ve gotten a taste of all of that, so we know how good it feels.  We’ve experienced it before, and it aches, when we’re yearning to re-experience it again.  But what exactly does this mean?  And why is it that without those affects, so many human beings suffer, and gain illnesses, depression, and embitterment, in the absence of all joy?

It means that that’s how we originated; from that realm is where we sprung; filled with the sense of wellness, of completeness, knowing no lack thereof; until lack of such wholeness rears its ugly head at us.

At times, without even realizing it, we’re on a quest for the appeasing affects.  To soothe the void we feel, some of us go on shopping sprees, or over-eat the sweets, or sleep the pain off, or read every “Self Help” book known to mankind, or, drink ourselves to oblivion.  Or, worse, we envy those who appear to “have it all” and take by force what someone else worked for, all because we’re so driven by the need to experience the goods that we lack and don’t know quite how to achieve it.

Deep down inside of each of us is that other side to us that holds the key to that unbroken happiness, that unbroken wellness, that unbroken “good” life. No one knows your inner self… no one knows my inner self, no one can even guess what our private thoughts are, except for our Maker and ourselves.  But too often we crowd-out that higher self by filling our temporal self with loads of the unwanted effects; we allow our thoughts to wander toward–and stare at–what we perceive as lack.  Those thoughts, of lack, then spark and awaken our feelings of ache and yearning, and cause us to suffer that quiet [or loud] despair.

We have to do away with all of that madness, clear the decks of all that is harmful to and impedes our progress, if we ever really want to experience the fullness of who we still are deep down inside.  We must connect or reconnect with our original self, the one that’s “up there” enjoying the undeterred happiness and complete sense of wellbeing we so desperately want; the one that knows what you’re going through and reaches in to pull you to that You that you really are, if only you would allow it!

I know that sometimes life and its people and situations can overwhelm us with their demands that we perform, that we “pay up” what they say we owe, that you and I do things their way, leaving us hardly any room to begin working on reaching our higher self and highest potential!  More often than not, we feel pressured to deliver…what material substances we lack, be it, to pay bills on time, lest we find ourselves facing more lack, and so on!  UGH!  Just the thought of it irks me!

This is why it is vital and essential that we grow a relationship with our Maker, and not just while undergoing the aforementioned pressures, but all the time!  At some point, we come to a place in our lives where, forced to surrender, we just throw in those towels and deliberately place ourselves in the Divine Hands of the One Who really cares and sincerely has our best interest at heart.  We are called to, be not afraid of what man can do to us, for with God on our side who can be against us?

I don’t care how smart, or rich, talented, or self-sustaining anyone claims to be; no one on this planet earth goes a lifetime experiencing only his or her higher self.  In this fallen world, we’re all the same creature: in need of joy, peace, happiness, comfort, security, safety, material wealth, fun and good times, when those affects have gone bye-bye!  In the same way that money can buy us those few things, money cannot buy us true love and affection, true peace, or health, or true friendships.  But, with or without any of it, only God and our higher self, working closely together, is the answer to all our many problems.

Take some time today to reconnect with both, on a deeper level.  Take on a “devil-may-care” approach to letting go of all that holds you back, place the nonsense in God’s hands, and, with confidence in God’s best interest at heart for you, have yourself a great, new beginning; He’ll look out for you!  For, as for me, I want to be just like the Real Me, I want to have every thing that she has, and I don’t give a rat’s ass about who or what opposes it!