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What a turn off to religion it has been for many, thanks to religious wars and the people that super-impose them!  I realize that this…Muscle-to-Muscle game…has been going on since the conception of religions, and that it may continue to unfold that way– due to the underdeveloped idiots that jump out of their boxes to compete with the other underdeveloped idiots that jump out of their boxes to fight back!  Over an issue that simultaneously drowns God out of the equation and tarnishes further what “religion” ought to represent.

But wouldn’t you say that it’s high time we all, individually, begin undoing religiosity for the sake of love and just walk peaceably with God?  Just let God be God and ourselves enjoy a pleasurable experience with Him?  I mean, at the end of our lives, do we honestly think that God, Who is said to be LOVE, is going to pin a gold medal on us and say to us, “Good job, for all the wars and the killings that you created within the time-frame, I gave you on the earth”?  I don’t think so!  Because “love” doesn’t function that way; love doesn’t seek bloodshed or thrones for the egos to sit-upon!

Isn’t it enough that, religion aside, this world already is deep in turmoil, over money, and ruthless Governments, and injustices of all kinds, and violence and an unrest, such as is worse than we’ve ever seen or read about or heard of? And that we all, being the hypocrites that we are, when alleging how great our religion is, go adding to those problems, by brow-beating anyone in our paths to conform him or her to our beliefs?  My goodness; get a grip!

None of you, who are engaging in religious wars, are in it for God!  No; you are in it, full-fetch EGO and all, to satisfy your prideful nature, your insecure character, and your own spiritual illnesses. Your war on people, who don’t convert to your idea of religion, has everything to do with your lack of love, your lack of true relationship with God, and your lack of knowledge. You heard somewhere, or were raised up to believe, that everyone should, or is to come to, know God or else you aren’t doing your part in carrying out those [empty] beliefs and runs the risk of burning in hell or something! And there runs YOU, [that hasn’t really delved deeply enough into the question of and relationship with God, to know the difference], taking by storm anyone who isn’t seeing it, or acting it, or dressing it, as are you!

This is probably why no one submits him or herself to your religion, in fact, it is why they run the other way or they stick-it-out and fight you to the death. Your beliefs differ from the next guy’s beliefs, and until you come to understand that God already belongs to each human being, by virtue alone of His breath that we each breathe, and that each and every one of us has received a freewill from God and may love God in his or her own way; you will have spent a lifetime doing much wrong to humanity and to your own soul, trying to convert anyone to your despicable religion. Yes, despicable religion!  When a “religion” must take precedence over “love” and it sets out to overwhelm the body of humanity and cause bloodshed and despair, that religion is atrocious and despicable!

Having said that, the only simplest thing, that God calls every man, woman and child on this planet to do, is to turn inward, cultivate the personal relationship with the [Holy] Spirit that already lives in you and allow this entity to guide, lead, protect and love you, so that, in that same fashion, you in turn may step forth and love one another the same way that God loves you.  For, if we haven’t noticed it yet, the universe has already, long ago now, begun making its shift from religion to spirituality. Religions no longer really work for us anymore, unless that branch of religion is doing life God’s way, and not man’s way.

Undoing religiosity for the sake of love is the best RELIGION there is! Don’t waste anymore time trying to be Islamic, Christian, Judaic, or whatever other religion tickles your fancy, IF loving people isn’t your primary goal.  Give up the religious wars! Hypocrites, we have plenty of those, but true lovers of God, we haven’t nearly enough of them!  The choice is yours. Choose wisely.