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Oh, what I would give to be young[er] again! A thought like that one has crossed my mind, every now and then, especially when it comes to fashion and my torso no longer supporting the hourglass shape that I once had! Currently, I’m standing between numbers 5 & 6 and doing what I can to hold on to number 5, for as long as…life…lets me! Fact is, no amount of exercise or plastic surgery is ever going to stop the aging process. It may prolong it, each time that we go and snip, tuck, and sew our flesh tighter, but life is such that we all [must] experience the great exchange, youth for wisdom.

Wisdom isn’t something that the youth have, and youth isn’t something that the wise ones have any longer, either. The great exchange evolves us from youth to old age, whether or not we pull all of the excess skin to kingdom come and cut away at it, until we see ourselves back at the earlier stages of life.

We spend so much time working on our appearances, always trying to look better than or as lovely as the next person, because *we* don’t fit-in just as we are, or we worry too much about the opinions of others, as if theirs were the be all-end all to our happiness. Some of us say that we focus on our appearances for ourselves, as a way to feel good about ourselves and not because we’re looking to impress anyone else.  And that be good, if it were really true…

For me, that is true — until I get ready to go to the beach and stands here wondering, do I wear my two-piece bathing suit or my one piece? If I wear my one piece, I run the risk of exposing my hidden shame: that my hourglass figure now looks like the trunk of a tree and I must deflect it! If I wear my two-piece, I run the risk of ridicule on the beach because the “muffin top” on me spills all over the place, and how is that in any way attractive? But, oh, then I recall the plump women on the beaches and how they shamelessly wear their bikinis no matter who thinks or says what, about it! And that helps me to wear either style of bathing suits and to go easier on myself, over who I’m not but wishes that she were!

The great exchange: youth for wisdom is also something admirable. I often think that I would exchange my current figure for the body I had in my 30’s, but only if I could keep the wisdom that I have gained through the years. I didn’t know back then what I know today, and being young again isn’t going to be worth anything if I have to surrender the knowledge appropriated with my present age for the sake of physical appearance only. And so, moving forward, I know that I can have the best of both worlds, even at my age: I can be young at heart and be, wise, as the great exchange overtakes me. 😉