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I was sitting at a Pizza Hut not long ago, waiting for my Thin & Crispy pie to arrive, and was pondering “faith” and how I can get it to work for me! These days, there’s much talk about faith. Have faith, most people are saying, including myself who finds it easy to tell others to have faith, when his or her circumstances scream otherwise!

For me, though, faith has been a very challenging situation to contain. It’s caused me more work to master it than even I can believe! But something happened that day, at Pizza Hut, that maybe was the beginning of “calling those things that be not as though they were!” I speak of it now in past tense, because my handle on faith still escapes me at times, as I diligently work to understand faith and get a good, firm grip on it.

I was looking out the window, as I now let my pizza cool down a bit. Outdoors was a band of large, full treetops, concealing the panoramic view of the wealthy town behind them. I was very familiar with that town, back there behind the tree-lined vista. It’s the sort of opulent place that makes mine look and feel like the ghetto! It holds the kind of princely palaces that I’d like to get a chance at personally experiencing, at least before I die. The kind that we see of Beverly Hills or in movies when such props go presented to us in that high fashion style. And faith’s messenger came at me, saying, “Call those things that be not as though they were!”

I understood at that moment that “abundance” does exist, that I have just as much a right to have abundance, as does anyone else, and that I may have what I long for…if only I can find out how to get it here to me or me, over to it! That’s the part that’s most challenging and troubling to me. On earth, we work our humps off to obtain some of those goods. Some folks, with silver spoons in their mouths, are born right into those glorious lifestyles, others marry into them, others got for themselves the right career that afforded them that type of living, others inherited such property and belongings by virtue of heir-ism, and others get only to wish they had it, that way! But, yet, we all have a desire, big or small, to have and enjoy a good life, and seek ways to achieve those experiences in whatever ways we find it possible.

How exactly does “having faith” work? Do we simply point out what we want and then believe that we have it, followed by…what; especially when no such things have manifested yet? It’s that middle-ground, that midway between the “I don’t have it yet” and the “I know it exists because I’ve seen it!” part that we have work to do on, which isn’t exactly easy to grasp! I’ve decided to choose “happiness” while I await what I’ve asked for, and loosen the grip on what I don’t feel happy with. God already knows what I want and what you want, and all that’s left to do is, be-happy in the midst of having faith. That part is, easy to do, in the midst of having faith!