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Every morning, life shows up with a handbag of choices. We get to look at all the options, make selections of all sorts, and live by them. Life’s handbag doesn’t always bring money and material wealth, although that’d be some of the things we crave and want life to offer us. It does however consistently offer us the choice between hope or despair, love or resentment, peace or agitation, self-worth or envy, gladness or misery, servitude or misgivings. The list of goodies versus hardship is a very long one, and it may continue expanding as you depict your own various options therein life’s handbag of choices.

We all have choices. We can hope or despair. We can go guided by love or resentment, feel peace or agitation, experience gladness or misery, self-worth or envy, be of service or misgivings, and so on. And yet, for as easily as we find it to despair, or wallow in resentment, or live agitated, or be envious, or feel miserable, or thrive in misgivings, we seem to find it darn challenging to exercise hope, love, peace, self-worth, gladness, servitude, faith, and goodwill.

Perhaps that is due to the “conditioning” we have grown accustomed to, the poor choices we have made, or even the results of what wrongs others have done to us, why now we find it difficult to look on the bright side of all that ails us. I know, for me, that after going through long cycles of hardship and difficulty, all of the circumstances have just about created an illusion that this is all there is in this world, and makes it almost impossible to foresee any real change.

The fight is on!

I have choices. I can stand here staring at all of the unwanted circumstances, or I can cast them to the universe, walk away [from the constant fretting], and just trust that GOD will be, good to me! Given a choice, I can be of service to others, from the richest of them all to the most impoverished, from the ugliest of them all to the prettiest eye-candy there be, from the most unkind human being to the kindest of them all, from my worst enemy to my dearest of friends; I can help to serve my fellowman in some way, even from my own sense of poverty, if I so choose that.

Life already is serious about its two sides and it makes certain that we eat of the choices that we make. We can’t complain that life sucks and yet be a part of the problem and not the solution. We can’t complain that everyone else is at fault and yet not take responsibility for our part in making life what it is for us. We’re either in with the good stuff or in with the bad stuff, but trying to have it both ways only lessens the possibilities of having it be, all good. Life’s handbag of choices is yours for the taking!