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Not a day goes by that I don’t think about God. Those thoughts, being various, have seen many stages and many misunderstandings between God and I. Due mostly to my listening to other people’s opinion of God and relinquishing my own beliefs for theirs, in a relationship that has evolved and grown throughout the years, with or without my help or theirs. Regardless and in spite of the opinion or judgment of others, God’s provision has followed me around, my entire life; 56 years-worth of consistent provision, is what I have experienced God do for me.

I wake up in the morning in my apartment and the first thing to greet me is the “safety” through which I slept all night. It’s as if the Lord sits bedside while I sleep, serving as my Body Guard; and quietly making it known, as my eyes open and the sense that I get is this provision. This, awareness of safety, is then followed by the abundance of other Godly provision, streaming in like pictures on a flash-cards, as I begin to list the countless other supplies given to me by God: i.e., that all my basic needs (and some of my wants) are with me at the start of each new day, because God has provided a way for me to obtain them.

How can God go not thanked, and praised, for everything that He gives!

Of course, immediately following those provisions, other, opposing, issues quickly jump to the forefront, as if now wanting center-stage, and doing an ungodly song & dance on my mind, as a way to gain my full attention and wipe God out of the picture, if at all possible. Dumb, would I be, and dumb am I, who exchanges God, for the “circumstances” that be here, temporarily, when ever-changing. God’s provision is daily and unfailing.

When I was a child, I lacked very little stuff. I lived in a home with my parents who provided me with food, clean and fancy clothes, comfortable bedding, medicine when sick, toys to play with, and other commodities, such as music for dancing and television for the imagination. At any time, with that wonderful sense of entitlement, that every child on earth should have with their parents, I could freely open the refrigerator and help myself to anything I wanted to eat or drink. Most people would argue that my “parents” provided all of this for me, and not so much “God.” That my “dad” [and not God] worked for these things and shared them with me. To which I would say, leave it alone, because your understanding of this topic apparently then is closed-minded and sightless.

As a wife, I again lacked very little stuff. I always had everything, aforementioned, except then, including cars, a career, and additional money. And God’s provision, apart from all of that, still followed me around and made its self be, known, in ways that rang divine rather than in tangible ways. Many are the things that money can’t buy: health, peace, true friendships, grace, security, love, and life. But then, in my day arrived a phase that no longer consisted of parents taking care of me, husbands providing for me, or myself, working to have those things.

As a divorced woman, disabled by COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary disease), receiving minimal alimony, and aging, and non-hired to work amid a bad global economy, the overall requirement has been that God’s provision look after me. In spite of the challenges, and the illness, this isn’t to say that I haven’t done my share of attempts at earning income and providing a living for myself. Aside of having written books and being a published author, I as well own two businesses: a, special events company, and a Touchstone Crystal jewelry line under the Swarovski umbrella. All of which have come to a standstill, for various reasons, and await my return, when and if the right timing allows it. So, in facing these many setbacks, and, in the midst of it, finding that very few people give a damn what happens to his or her fellowman; either, by virtue of their dealing with their own challenges and being fixed only on that, or by simply not caring for others. From where else would my help come, if not from God and His provision!

To mind comes this quote, (author unknown), with its double-edge sword:

Religion not to be confused with faith. Faith is a personal life journey, religion is a club often infiltrated by wolves in sheep’s clothing.

Faith is a personal journey, while religion seems to be a club infiltrated by wolves in sheep’s clothing.  Brr…that latter part gives me the willies! Nevertheless, many are the persons that would want the believers to take the time and prove to him or her that God exists. In some cases, that’d be wise and fair to do. But in other cases, “Ain’t nobody got time for that!” as declares current-day slang. If someone cannot (or refuses to) find it, in his or her own heart, to do their own searching of God, then no amount of religion, blind faith, or explaining will convince them. And yet, those very Doubters are daily receivers of God’s provision.

Things “happen” for them, in mysterious ways. Hopes arrive answered; dreams come true; needs are [somehow] met; hunger is satisfied; rest goes accommodated; circumstances change tracks, and improve! The sun shines for them [as it does for the believers]; the night-sky bears stars that sparkle like diamonds and lend wonderment and peace to the mind. Nature, beauty, waving oceans, colorful flowers, art, music, theater, laughing children, chubby babies, curious teens, wrinkly elderly, and pets of all breeds, all are just a few examples of God’s artistry and God’s provision, and brings a great sense of gratitude to the ones who notice it and appreciate it.

I have walked my Life’s Journey, going bumped off the road, many times! I have seen an equal share of both sides: those things that I and that others have provided for me, and those things that only God has delivered as a way to show me that He loves me. At this point in my life, I have only the option to choose God as my Sole Provider. And I don’t want it any other way! Of course, I can dream of winning the lottery, which I play as a way to help the winners win it; or can dream of someone coming along and offering me “big money” for the rights to any of my books; or of going inundated with calls from girlfriends seeking to schedule home parties for a look at my purchasable jewelry; or of receiving tempting contracts to arrange luxurious and lucrative events and parties, all of which would soften or dissipate the colloquy of “worries.” But, without those possibilities, and without a relationship with God, or without God’s provision, where would I be!

God is a Pro, at Vision, hence the compounded: provision. That is, God’s Pro Vision sees what we need, and is the best thing going, these days and always, no matter what anybody else says, or what we go through, or what we see or don’t see for ourselves! Although “opposing circumstances” want first place in my life, and sometimes gain that footing, and trip me up; God’s provision, in my experience, can’t be, beat! It’s a matter of peeling away all of the outer layers, stepping upward, and contently walking by faith and not by sight.

On that note, thanks for the sit-down and the time to hear me.