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It isn’t any secret that today’s bad economy has driven many people to require help from the Government, for food, shelter, medical, rental assistance, relocation, and mortgage payments. Many are the “new agencies” that have cropped up in most cities across the U.S. with the Frontage of “assisting the public to gain this help.” But greater than the number of agencies, are the number of needy individuals and families, desperate to have those needs met! The result leads to the million-dollar knee-bending: Who should we choose, God or Government?

The Government, which everyone believes is super-wealthy, [and we ARE correct to assume it], doles out -but bits & scraps of- this assistance to its recipients, as if it is as poor as everybody else! It acts as if it is doing “the TAX PAYERS” a favor, with the tax payers’ own money, when helping you! It offers “one-time” assistance so lean, you would think to feel badly that perhaps you’re depriving this Entity of all that it has! It then sends you on your way to make do with what it gave you and have you figure-out your own [financial] problems, after that!

<— This is just some of the crap that I see posted on Facebook, and that proposition is WRONG. It shouldn’t be that one side does one thing and the other side does another, such as presents this image! Both sides of the Government should offer, We the People, a fair share of those goods, for there are persons who, for plausible reasons, cannot work and thus need help! Both sides of the Government should have ample jobs lined up and available for every one who can work; both sides of the Government should have adequate Funding set aside for those that can’t work! And the Minimum Wage should be increased well above $10 an hour, so that families and individuals may be able to afford the crazy cost of living! What the Government does instead is it gives certain recipients of Welfare, such as single mothers or disabled persons, a whopping $320-something, per month, with which to survive, and heaven-forbid, the recipient should land a mediocre job during this stint on Welfare; he or she would have to “repay” that agency the money it doled out or lose the public assistance, altogether!

If no one has noticed, the Government keeps its dependents under its mighty Thumb; it keeps people poor, poorer than poor, and then “taxes” every individual with a job, beginning the day that the person turns 18 or is emancipated younger and starts working. And carries this method of “gimme, gimme, gimme” until the person retires, and even after that, the retiree has to worry about whether or not his or her garnished contribution towards retirement is still sitting in Social Security, for that person’s future sustainability!

Conversely, I will say that, in many ways, the “limited” assistance is a good thing, because it forces the sensible recipients to not want the insulting handout and to go and seek financial independence on their own. But, again, this only works when jobs are, a dime-a-dozen and pay well, otherwise, lack thereof, only tends to lead people right back to square one: needing God or Government!

Speaking of God, the good Lord already knew that this would be the kind of day His children would be, experiencing on earth. Why? Because “man” [humans], unholy as we all are, when in power are at the helm of controlling the country and its inhabitants, and “stingy” by nature, holds back from sustaining anybody, even from the fountain of wealth, into which their own hands dip and take-from for their own self and families!

No one can serve two masters; for either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will hold to one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and mammon. (Matt 6:24)

Although the definition of mammon is money, wealth, riches, and, as such, regarded as having an evil influence, too, I choose to define “mammon” as “Government” as well, for its own influence of evil amid great wealth. I’ve come to wonder why some of the “new (assistance) agencies” have cropped up lately and hold space in government offices or in separate buildings. You go there, with your evidence of hardship, seeking “help,” and come away with new information: “Sorry, we have no funds!”  You have no funds? What do you mean you have no funds? Why are you stationed here then, posing as Refuge, if the end result is that you have no funds with which to help people? Who created you? Who pays your salary, or are you just ‘volunteering’ in this position? Why do you have this Civil Service job, if its delivery falls short of its “mission statement” or vice versa? What do I do now, to get some assistance? Where do I go from here; if not cast down and thrown to my knees, to cry out for help! That is just the kind of discourse, one has with self or with those in the same boat, when dealing with the Government, over God.

My suggestion here, I assure you, dismisses Religion or the need for anyone to attend Church, if he or she would like help from God. Although congregating with like-minded believers never is a bad or an unhelpful situation, and may be the strong movements that care about people and the forsaking of poverty; we nonetheless and emphatically must make sure that “God” ultimately is the One, called to the scene, and no longer the Government.

But what does it mean to forsake Government assistance and go with God’s economy? No pun or disrespect intended, it calls for having BALLS the size of New York, and trusting and truly and fully believing God and His promises of abundance, before ever leaning on politicians and Government to see us through! Make no mistake about it: the way that things are going, over “money,” everyone (rich or poor) will face the choice: God or Government? Let’s get ahead of that situation and start rejoining with God!

Let us then approach God’s throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need. (Hebrews 4:16)