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Feeling Invisible I don’t know about you, but I have found that people have a way of making me feel invisible. I notice it a lot on Facebook, where there gathers people who actually know me, friends of many years, and family too, along with new friends that I have yet to meet in person. I notice it on all of my other social pages, also. It’s as if I “reach out,” daily; in manners of sharing links to my blogs, or images that likely represent my views, or preferences in art, books, foods, music, videos, or whatever else I put, out there.  And, just as equally, very few people, if any at all, respond! Making it feel as though, to them, I’m invisible.

Of course, I’m not dumb enough to make anyone responsible for my feelings. I get, that peoples’ lives don’t revolve around me. People are busy; perhaps my “posts” don’t necessarily spark, in him or her, the need to be, responsive, and thus they scroll on, to other posts. Or they just, outright, have chosen to “Unfollow” me, for any number of reasons, and that’s why I’m invisible to them.

If I were dumb, I would jump to the quick to start believing that it’s because I’m boring to them, or too-much into the “God” thing, or always trying to sell my book or Touchstone Crystal jewelry to them, or my Philosophies are too deep, too thought-provoking, or make no sense to the readers, or I’m just irritating! I could also start to believe that all those [distant] people keep me on their Friend list, out of some sense of common courtesy; you know, something like…why pluck Christina entirely out of the picture and stir the waters of dissension over it, since we do share mutual friends and no one wants drama or the hassles! But wouldn’t that be the same thing as I saying that some of you are fake persons, when really none of you are? Friendship, though, friendship of the real kind, works both ways, and no one is “invisible” unless we treat them that way.

Feeling invisible is really only a personal test. Life will hand us those moments when we feel discounted, ignored by others, unimportant to people, lonely, abandoned, forsaken; and our presence of mind, disrespected, overlooked, or just plainly non-wanted. But…what do we do with this, when it happens? Do we stand there, looking out that window, noticing everyone we know going about his and her life as though we don’t mean a thing, and then pound on the sill, with both fists, because we’re feeling invisible?

No… That’s the time to turn inward, close that shade to the outside world, and ask ourselves, why is ‘feedback’ so darn important to me? Am I not getting outdoors much; not mingling with people, face-to-face enough; not reaching out [to loved ones and friends], via a more-personal way [by phone, letter, or a visit]? Why, exactly, am I pressing my stuff and self out there, via the net? Recognition? Applause? Money? Or does it really have to do with the ‘Void,’ that I’ve suddenly noticed eating away at me since I am feeling invisible?

Feeling invisible just might be a factual sentiment; it may be that you are standing there, but people are looking past you, rather than to you, for bonding. But don’t allow yourself to be confused by “feeling invisible.” You aren’t dead yet, therefore you are visible! If no one wants to bother with you, or has little time to share of themselves with you, move on, do your own good job, of dispelling feeling invisible.

Do It Anyway