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Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there literally is a fountain of youth, where we aging people could go and christen ourselves, and come away looking 30 years younger!

Legend has it that such fountains existed; we see it in paintings and read about it in stories. But let’s not kid ourselves; time orders old age to destroy beauty.

That’s a sad reality. It is a harrowing experience, to watch oneself go from youth to full physical maturity and there not be a thing we could do to stop it! Oh, our skin can go reshaped like a fabric, and its edges cut down and resewed, as a way to render us wrinkle free! That, still, time orders old age to destroy beauty; and by the time that we reach that pinnacle…of old age… time has done its full work also of tiring us out. Hopefully by then, or even before so, we will have come to terms with this reality and from there onward, age gracefully.

I had stopped in at a women’s boutique the other day, to see a dear friend that works there and say hello. The moment that Cindy saw me, she said, “Wow, Chris, you look just like your daughter.” (Seen here in this picture.) Cindy sized me up, a bit, and read my countenance. “You look young,” she emphasized. “Maybe it’s your hair and how you’re wearing it today, that makes you look just like Desiree!”

I took it as a compliment, of course, because there’s no doubt that my daughter is, stunning and beautiful! And to be likened to her looks, means that now we know where my offspring got her beauty from! 😉  But, again, being product of the aging process myself, and a Mom to this 20-year-old head-turner, 36 years older than my daughter…only puts me right back in that space, of acknowledging that, indeed, time orders old age to destroy beauty, and there isn’t any “fountain of youth” out there that would in fact restore the youth of anyone who drinks or bathes in its waters.

But is that entirely true? No. The world may be lacking The Fountain of Youth or the Waters of Life, in their tangible sense, but I know that each of us has his and her own fountain of youth, within the confines of our being. We mustn’t forget that we are two-fold creatures: physical and nonphysical; spirit having a human experience. You have the “you” that ages and feels the sorrows, and the “You” that’s eternal and only is as youthful as you’ll ever want to be.

While time orders old age to destroy beauty, and it will because it does, we can grow into the Younger us, as the shedding of our outer beauty advances us towards the grave. We can examine that side to us that perhaps has gone overlooked, and reacquaint ourselves with every aspect of that Youthful Being, to the point of becoming New again, whether here or on the other side.

I think I will go, and tap into mine!