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There was a time in my life when I lasted in a job for more than a year. I was a hairdresser for the better part of 34 years. Some of those stints had me ruling the roost, and reshaping the bad attitudes of coworkers who claimed they needed the job.

I thoroughly enjoyed being a Manager; I consider myself a great Team player with a Slam-Dunk attitude of leadership! When my coworker’s performance stunk, I had no problem spewing the famous line: You’re fired!

Some of the other stints consisted of my bouncing around, from one hair salon to another. Between jobs, I used the hiatuses to be a Mom and raise my two children, who happen to be 14 years apart in ages. Those first, 3 to 5, years of my kids’ lives were crucial and meaningful to me. I loved being a Mom, but I was also a career woman whose circumstances mandated that I hold down a job! Right before my daughter [2nd child] was even a thought, however, was when I began noticing loses of employment, in rapid successions.

Something about this wasn’t clicking correctly; I thought I was doing my job in tip-top performance! I knew that I was giving it my best shot! I was always on time, and stayed late; I constantly “dress the part”; followed the rules; cleaned up after myself [and others who were lazy pre-Madonnas]. I washed towels, toilets, floors, and shelves; and always gave up my lunch hour, in an effort to satisfy the lineup of customers scheduled to see me! But, out of nowhere, I began going told, “You’re fired!” and finding myself exceedingly baffled by it.

I recall how horrible this was, at one of the jobs I had. Payday had rolled around at noontime that Friday, and my boss; who wore a blonde Toupee so thick on his oval head, it looked more like a woven bird’s nest than hair; was handing out paychecks while I waited for mine near the front desk. Some of my favorite coworkers were standing around with me, when Mr. Thick Hair came up and handed them their white envelopes. He presented mine to me, by placing it on my open hand, but pinching it, catching my attention, and suddenly saying, “You’re fired!”

Dear God, those words hit me like a ton of bricks! “I’m fired; what do you mean I’m fired,” I asked him, unable to accept this truth as welling up in me was monstrous shock, unpreparedness, and fear! The employer didn’t say another word; he coldly turned around, walked away, and left me standing there, with my mouth and eyes wide open. The coworkers that remained, all looked startled, speechless, and unwilling to get involved. They quickly scattered, but, in my erupting despair, I managed to grab one of the fellows by the front of his shirt; he was one of the employees friendliest with the…Toupee Monger-of-a-boss. “Please, please talk to him, Dan, I really need this job!” I begged. Dan took hold of my wrists at his chest, yanked my grip off him, and said, “I’m sorry, but I can’t help you.” He then turned away, and thrust me into the overwhelming twister, I was already experiencing.

I have a measure of pride though, and quickly went to my station to review my paycheck and gather my belongings. While there, busy packing, I was noticing, out the corner of my eyes, the secretive “chit-chatting” taking place between several of my tense coworkers. It felt as though they all knew something that I didn’t know, as if I had this event coming to me, they all knew it would unfold, but not one of them warned me ahead of time, and now seemed worried that perhaps they were next to go fired or I’d be blowing my stack!

Far from being the scandalous type, I never felt more betrayed, at a job, than I did at this one. I felt hatred toward Mr. Thick Hair and all of my coworkers. For no one showed any mercy, concern, or even comradeship towards me and the new awful set of circumstances that I would now be facing! And jealousy, too, that they got to keep their job that day, and I didn’t! Naturally, I was about to start crying, but, strong and dignified as I was, I held back the tears, in passing the coworkers that outright ignored me as I was leaving, and when I saw Mr. Thick Hair, standing at the spot near the front desk where he had given me my “pink” slip. If I had been anybody else, I would have thrown down my duffel bag and purse, gone over to him, smacked him silly, snatch his prickly hair off his head and run off with his bird’s nest! Instead, I stopped at the door, and voiced to him, “You haven’t heard the last of me; you owe me money and you will pay up!”

The US Department of Labor contacted the Big-Wig, who thought he was going to stiff me out of what I had worked for and the Vacation pay that I had coming to me, and within 2 weeks of having heard, You’re fired, I was cashing those checks and moving on to new experiences.

Why he fired me, remained a mystery! But here’s what I learned from that situation: Never rely on people; they’re human and have limited powers. Never attach yourself to anything; jobs, money, homes, friendships, they come-and-go and are ever-changing. Never leave yourself “unprepared” to face any situation; life holds many, a script, has its own Agenda, and tosses us about, at will; be smart about it! Never think that you’re alone; people will let you down, but God won’t, when you have a bond with Him! Never believe that ‘Karma’ doesn’t exist; we all get turns at being on the receiving end of what we give out! Never be afraid of hearing, You’re fired; come to this blog and learn why! 😀