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One day, you seemingly thought that you had it, all together! Life was running just the way that it was supposed to: smoothly and secure; even with the few bumps you encountered along the way. Perhaps, at the time, you lived home with your parents–and they took care of everything pertaining to you. Maybe you were married and your spouse contributed to your sense of wellbeing and stability. Heck, it may have been that you were self-sustaining; fresh out of college, working at your lucrative career, and making a great living. But then something unusual happened: life, as you knew it, suddenly switched gears, and your whole world came tumbling down! You began feeling lost, and maybe even crying out, Somebody, help me! -because you felt disoriented, bewildered, confused, perplexed, and unsure!

The sad part is that you find very few people willing to help you, very few! The ones willing to help you, do so, but not entirely. You found that no one can really patch your life back together, the way that you once lived it. Unless you’re one of those people who knows someone with money to burn, who would be willing to restore your life, entirely, at no cost to you! You’re in the same boat, as the rest of us: up, Shit’s Creek, with both arms deep in the muck, serving as your paddles!

Feeling lost, while still thinking, Somebody, help me, you give up on those ideas, direct your boat to a new spot, and, poof, you find yourself in a crazy wilderness! “Oh, hell no!” you say to yourself, silently calling out, “Somebody, help me,” but doing what you can to quit feeling lost! You try everything, under the sun, to re-patch your life! You go over there, or over here, far away, somewhere and nowhere. Everything, you think you want, seems distant, far from reach, and tricking you, when you just about obtain it and it goes, as if, snatched from you, afresh! Feeling lost, with your unanswered, Somebody, help me, inside this wilderness, you blame the difficulties on the Government, on God, on people, and even on yourself!

Feeling lost gets so bad, you can only ask yourself, do you even know who you are anymore? That whole idea, about Somebody, help me, is as noteworthy as is the sensation of feeling lost, and of losing sight of oneself, as well!

Discouragement has set in, because you have found no way out, of the wilderness and hardship, no one to, really, help you, and time moving rather quickly, as demands and pressure, to get this corrected, makes you feel left behind, alarmed, and harassed! You’ve done your very best to regain your footing; to regain hold of the wild reigns; to overcome the odds; to restore your life! And, still, you come up, feeling lost, and realizing that your Somebody, help me, is only but a wish! Where do you go, and what can you do then? Why is all of this happening to you? And what will the outcome be, since you lack control of this, challenge, that proceeded from “out-of-your-control,” in the first place?

Your life will hang in doubt before you; night and day you will be filled with anxiety and have no assurance of living. In the morning you will say, ‘I wish it were evening!’ and in the evening you will say, ‘I wish it were morning!’—because of the dread in your heart with which you tremble, and because of the sight of your eyes which you will see. (Deuteronomy 28:66-67 Amp.)

Isn’t that, the truth! Do we not feel that way, when feeling lost, and our yelp, “Somebody, help me!” is but a laughable notion! And the oxymoron is: faith unfaithful kept him falsely true! Ahem! We can take the “him” to mean God or ourselves; especially God, when reading verse 65, in Deuteronomy 28, which states: “Among those nations you will find no peace (rest), and there will be no resting place for the sole of your foot; but there the Lord will give you a trembling heart, failing eyes, and a despairing soul.” –if first not really knowing WHO GOD IS, and all of the wonderful, exceptional blessings, He actually has in mind for you, me, and anyone else curious enough to find out!

But, let’s get real. The “him” here, is you, and me, and anyone else too dense to acknowledge, and possibly accept, that faith [unfaithful] kept us [falsely] true! For the most part, (faith kept us true); we go through life, holding it all down, doing our own thing, owning a measure of “faith,” that things go well, that things generally go well, that things are, suppose-to go well! We live by this notion: that we’ve got this, [and don’t need God‘s involvement]! In our days of Power, and Might, and leading the way, we forget or overlook that, to some degree, we all are limited beings, with limited ability. And that, at some point, our Loving Maker notices that we’ve strayed too far, from our safe place in and with Him, and resumes to call us back; back to that place of solace, security, and surrender. And thus, we come to know this next experience, before any of it begins to make complete sense:

Beloved, do not be surprised at the fiery ordeal which is taking place to test you [that is, to test the quality of your faith], as though something strange or unusual were happening to you. (1 Peter 4:12)

Here’s the part that’s missing, while you’re going through your fiery ordeal, your feeling lost; and the Real Ear, actually hearing your: Somebody, help me! “But insofar as you are sharing –Christ’s– sufferings, keep on rejoicing, so that when His glory [filled with His radiance and splendor] is revealed, you may rejoice with great joy!” 1 Peter 4:13. Emphasis mine.

Quit feeling lost, give up your ‘Somebody, help me!’ expectations. Your entire being and life is between you and God, is comprised of that single, most crucial relationship, first, whether you like it, know it, or not. Breakthrough comes when you realize this. When you let go, of all the control, let God be God and yourself, redirected. Times will come when you’ll be tested and your faith, stretched! Find out what the Lord wants from you, and gladly join Him. Surely, then, all of the feeling lost will end, a New You will have emerged, and you’ll know how to save your “Somebody, help me!” for God only.

Been there, done that, I know what I’m saying. 😉