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My favorite flower is the rose, the red roses. I love the feel of its delicate pedals and the scent of its distinct perfume. It always amazes me, how God thought of even that small detail, when He gave the earth such aromatic beauties. I love you Lord.

The rose and I, however, have a particular relationship. I’m not sure if anyone else can relate, but I have encountered that roses tend to carry a “verve” all their own… they carry the scent of warning; in my case, the warning of impending death. And I wish I knew or could understand why this is so and why it happens to me.

Last week I was sitting up in bed, while my friend Leslie was reading something to me from a document of hers. Just then, I looked to my right side because I got a strong whiff of red roses. I had no fragrance plug-ins or lit candles, or flowers of any kind in my room at the time, so, when the scent of roses arrived, it caught my attention!

“I smell roses. … I smell roses!” I blurted, interrupting Leslie from reading. Leslie quietly said, “Well, isn’t that a good thing?” And I replied, “Not exactly! …It never fails that when I smell roses, and there aren’t any in my midst, someone, that I know personally, dies, within a day or two!”

Leslie’s smile disappeared, quickly. She had never before heard of such a thing, and probably thought me, a bit peculiar! I felt badly for her and didn’t want to spook her, so, for her sake, I promptly asked her to just continue reading to me. She cleared her throat, and resumed reading.

The whole time that she continued reading to me, the scent of roses lingered… As usual, the scent of roses this time came with its feeling of refrigeration; a touch of cool air accompanies the fragrance of roses when this happens, and the only word that ever connects to the aroma is, “funeral” -not flower shop, but funeral! When this happens, it brings with it the similar sensation one gets when inside a funeral parlor; that, it is cold inside the room and the scent of flowers and roses fill the air!

The scent of warning faded, and then returned again. The occurrences don’t last very long, and sometimes it unfolds twice or three times before ending its verve. But when it does arise, the smell of roses, surrounded by a chilly air, is obvious and no mistake that its verve alludes to warning!

The following day, (September 26, 2015), my ex-husband died, from the result of a sudden assault, which consisted of blunt force injury of the head and brought about his death.

This sort, of phenomenon, with roses, has always presented its self to me right before someone near or dear to me is going to die, and always emerges a day or two, before a someone dies. This marvel has always been consistent ahead of someone’s passing. To me, it is a great mystery why it befalls that way, and yet is also a sign, to prepare myself, beforehand! I try at all times to brush it off, not give it too much attention, and to pray for all of the persons I know, right when the fragrance appears.

Roses, as much as I love them, they stun me with their scent of warning: “Impending Death.” If this has happened to you as well, I’d like to know about it, as maybe then I won’t feel so singled-out when it happens to me!

R.I.P. Artie! I wish that I had known, ahead of time, who that “someone” was going to be, so that I could warn you to be careful on your way home from work.