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Forgive me, if it appears that I’m fixated on “death.” It’s just that, for this moment, I am, because 2 young men fatally beat my ex-husband on September 25, 2015 to rob him of his money, and Artie died the next morning as a result of the assault. This is probably just simple news to many people, especially to those who did not know Artie or his family and friends. News and crimes of this nature are so commonplace these days, it perhaps has had the power to desensitize us all. We hear or read about such crimes daily, and although we have grown extra vigilant of our surroundings and seek to protect ourselves and our loved ones from those dangers, we never really come to know the full impact, of such crimes, unless it’s happened to you. These crimes deeply affect life, after death.

The dearly departed, departed; and may his new place of rest be glorious and wonderful now! But his surviving family, and relatives, and friends, coworkers, and neighbors prove devastated, shocked, bewildered, heartbroken, overcome with grief, and fear, concern, and a host of other emotions with which to have to contend. To a stranger, this is just another passing story. But to the remaining loved ones, this a storm and a nightmare from which the loved ones won’t be waking up from, because it is our reality.

In Memory of Author John DeMarsico

In this case, life after death turns weird for us! The decedent; father of 2 sons, and step-father to many who are fatherless in our world; Pop-pop to many little ones; and former spouse to me, is gone, suddenly; taken from us by the hands of two unthinking, greedy, and heartless individuals; and leaving no hope of Artie returning to the life that we all shared with him. This, in itself, is life-altering for the suffering ones remaining.

This now means that Artie’s loved ones must undergo the effects of infliction, misfortune, disorientation, deep sorrow, loss and tremendous emotional disturbance! That we have to pick up the pieces of our shattered lives and make do with what those two unidentified criminals in Newark did to Artie and to all of us! It means that we have to learn, anew, how to laugh again, how to live and enjoy life again, in the absence of the one who departed, how to dream afresh, and how not to worry that a crime this atrocious will come around to our lives, ever again!

This unexpected event did a number on me! Currently sitting in the thick of it all, because it happened 3 weeks ago, and occurred right at the foot of my front door, I still cannot wrap my mind around the incident and the fact that, my gosh, Artie is dead? Brrr… I can’t seem to shake it out of my head and recapture my own personal peace of mind! It’s going to take me some time to grow past it, to come to terms with the fact that life on earth is and can be perilous! It forced me to gladly go and find me another apartment, away from Newark! And now, my hope is that, in this new beginning, I may begin to experience a kinder life, after Artie’s death.

Appreciate your loved ones, openly and verbally, while you still have them. Through this experience, I found that forgiveness, love, friendship, and appreciation made a wonderful difference in my life and conscience, after Artie’s passing. It feels good to know that he and I were on very peaceful and good terms with each other, right up to the last moment. That, indeed, we had our differences throughout the 36 years that we knew one another, but we were long past any trifling when he passed away, and that is something pleasing to me.

However, justice hasn’t been served yet in Artie’s case: two individuals, in connection with the fatal beating of Artie, remain at large. I now share the news article and video clip therein the link below, showing the two unidentified persons. Please, share the video, on your blog, your Facebook pages, anywhere that you possibly can. Help me to spread it out like wildfire until these men are found. Those two persons should-not get away without responding to this crime.

Click here –>  2 ‘persons of interest’ sought in fatal beating of 68-year-old Newark man