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I think it is wonderful…that we have a “Veteran’s Day” in which America, Australia, Britain, Canada, and France all celebrate and cheer for those who fought for our countries! We should honor our men and women who, by giving their lives over to their brand of the armed forces, became property of the Military for the purpose of protecting our lands and preserving our freedoms. It took tremendous courage, on his and her part, to do that, and not every civilian has that calling or that type of bravery! Some of our Service People came back alive, while others unfortunately returned home in body bags.

It twists me into a pretzel, however, when any of our Veterans return home, whether whole or broken, and go set aside and forgotten by the very Government that owned them! In America, in this great country of ours, no Veteran should ever find himself or herself homeless and hungry, or without adequate health care, but many of them do!

I can only imagine how those “forgotten ones” must feel when this Federal Holiday rolls around, each year, and people all around them are hootin’ & tootin’ their “HORRAY,” and waving the glorious red, white, and blue cloth on a stick, in their faces! “Happy Veteran’s Day!” we all shout, and carry on, like fools; while the Veteran, in that tiny moment of acclamation, feels gratitude, and a bit of pride in himself, for the awesome thing he did to protect his country, smiles faintly back at you, but says to himself, “What’s so ‘happy’ about it? Look at me: the once strong and giving Soldier, used up and then tossed aside as a stained and finished rag.”

I wouldn’t want to be, in those shoes! But, then again, I have been in similar hardships myself, and knows exactly how sad and lonely it’s made me feel, when someone is proclaiming, say, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CHRIS!” and not a thing about that special day (or my life) is happy at all! And I can see the amazing hypocrisy behind it all; when, on the one hand, it is right, fair, and fun, to have holidays and other special days to celebrate. Thank goodness, for those, or we’d die amid the humdrum of everyday life! But, on the other hand, what good is it, what good does it do, when the holiday passes, the cheering ends, but all of that celebratory Power and the folks that acknowledged it, changed nothing about my situation!

It’s all a farce!

What I’m saying is that we all: Government, and civilians alike, and churches, everyone; should really be of good cheer, spread kindness, mercy, love, and compassion, everywhere, and lend a hand to the ones in need. And I mean really lend a hand to the ones in need!  Don’t just observe holidays only, and display your Kool-Aid smile, all day long; because you got that day off from work, and Woo Hoo, you earned it! But, actually, get in there, knee-deep, with sleeves rolled up, forgetting yourself for a moment, and pull your universal brother or sister up, and out of his or her pit, somehow! Don’t wait around for Uncle Sam; to help the abandoned Veterans, or other discarded civilians, other human beings when it comes down to brass task and they’re drowning in misery!

You, be the church; the Government; the Pastor or Priest; the “Doer of Good,” the “Holiday” itself or pristine Rep thereof; giving something, or of yourself, even if only an open ear and a pep-talk to the ones in need and talking; guidance to resources, or money, shelter, or bag of food, or a warm coat, or whatever the need be! That, in itself, would prove a true meaning, of any holiday, a true expression of love, and of paying-it-forward!

Respect our VETERANS, not just on November 11, of every year, but every day and anytime that you see one, in a wheelchair, or down on a sidewalk, looking all scruffy and unkempt, with his makeshift cardboard sign raised up, stating, “I’m a Veteran…” and pleading for food, money, or housing!

There’s an old saying, that we, at this juncture, can very well liken-to or attach to our Veterans alike, that goes something like this: “One mother can take care of her many children, but all of those children can’t take care of one mother!” That is despicable, when done to a Mom, and to a Veteran!

Respect our Veterans, to be respected yourself!