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Bad news, everywhere! Who wants to live like that; hearing, reading, watching, or going through bad incidents, all the time! The question asked universally today is, “What is this world coming to!

Evil is just sprouting all around us; it has been for sometime, obviously! And now with this new breed of terrorists, ISIS, reeking havoc, in unsuspecting places, with unconscionable measures, there’s no telling, what more we can expect, unless all nations come together to wipe ISIS off the face of the earth! Regardless of that, or until such time and event comes, we’d be WISE to cling to the God, of Abraham, Issac and Jacob, for protection, and, with our MENTAL POWERS, begin to turn the tide towards a far-more peaceful existence!

All of this, which is going on all around us, or directly happening to us, instantly produces Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder; an illness that no one should have to undergo, when “prevention” [of all of the wrongdoing] could be the first option! All of this craziness is turning people and victims into sacks of rattling nerves; it is creating a society, not only deep in danger but also steep in unhappiness. And there seems little being done, to put an end to all of these Terrorists!

Could it be possible that the current Leader of America has actually funded training for ISIS and other similar groups, while in Office? I’m careful to believe everything that I hear or read, unless I see it with my own two eyes; but, when I see a wimpy stance, rather than the expected strong and righteous character of an honorable President, come forth and whisper his condolences and not step up and do something remarkable to resolve the madness, I have to wonder if Obama isn’t [secretly] one of them!

To that end, I know only to shift my attention to the ONE that really matters: to GOD my Savior and His Son, Jesus! Because, at the end of the day, in HIM is all the comfort, safety, and protection, I will ever find! And…I don’t even have to go to church to obtain this!

We have been having a so-called “WAR on Terrorists” ever since the recent Bush was in Office, and all that has come of it is this new group, ISIS! We are fooling ourselves, if we keep thinking that we’re even making a dent in the cause! The “BIBLE” is Unfolding; these situations must and shall come to pass, because, at the end of their course, a new and improved life is, what awaits us. The not-so subliminal message here then is –to whom do we give power and our attention to: ISIS or GOD? Apparently, this “war on terrorists” is the job for GOD and not for us, little people with Leadership titles and large Armies, called only into bloodshed!

We mustn’t be AFRAID of what “man” runs to do to us! We must place our trust in THE ONE WHO DELIVERS US ALL FROM EVIL!