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Romantic holidays, anyone?  The year end holidays bring with them such a sense of relationships and closeness that they lead one to think that he or she needs or should have a partner, if not, then something feels amiss!

Magic, in the air, is what rings forth, especially so during the final months of each year.

For Halloween we pair up and dress up, as perhaps Lucy & Ricky Ricardo? For Thanksgiving, we pair up and invite each other to one another’s family dinner? For Christmas, we go all out…to kiss underneath the mistletoe… curl up in each other’s arms beside the fire… We decorate the tree, reminisce about our Christmases past, and exchange presents, ever so romantically. For New Years, we adorn our bodies in the finest of outfits, go to elaborate parties together, and kiss passionately at the stroke of midnight!

That all sounds wonderful. Except, none of us Single folks can do all of that by ourselves! We require a partner, with whom to share these many festivities. But what’s it like for those of us who haven’t found that diamond, in the rough? Whom must “go it alone” and just be, witness to all of the romance bustling all around us! Apparently, we have to find other ways to grin and bear it, to get through the holidays, unattached, and be OK with the oneness.

Many people are fine with going Solo, all of the time, and hardly feel the impact of “going it alone” during the romantic holidays. In part, I am one of those persons; I love my status: divorced, unattached, and enjoying my alone-time! These days, relationships are as challenging to build as they are to keep, maintain, and make last forever, so why bother! But I often entertain thoughts of being partnered with someone special I can share magical holidays with, and have fun with throughout the year; be it, while shopping, or over dinner in romantic settings, or at the movies or a theater… or taking long walks through beautiful parks or sandy beaches. Oh, how sweetly that would be!

That, however, is a dream…an idealistic view of real life, and an overlook of what other nonsense get in the way of kinder romance. Still, there are those of us who will go through romantic holidays without a companion, and what of them (or me) during that time?

I venture to say that this would be a good time for personal reflection, especially if we are of mature ages and haven’t found that “someone special” to share our life with, as we grow older and lonelier with each passing day! How do we best fill in that void? I just simply tell myself that, it is what it is! Certainly, I can bring cheer to everyone else around me; light a candle in honor of those no longer with me; spend time with God and myself; and that there’s really no sense in dreaming of the overstated: romantic holidays, anyone?