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New age Christianity… is that an oxymoron? New Age is a spiritual movement these days, in Positive Thinking, and Christianity… well, we, for the most part, surely know all about that concept [or branch of religion]! And if we don’t, we’ll find out a little bit about it in this blog. Can the two belief systems come together and function like a hand and glove?  I believe so, because, so far, if applied correctly, nothing says that it can’t!

For years, I’d been struggling with my Christianity. I love the Lord Jesus. I love the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. I love the Bible, and all of the great messages, the amazing stories, and the guidance and comfort that it contains for us all, to learn from and live by. But, in my warfare, if I may, in my daily walk with God, I couldn’t “get it right” no matter how hard I tried to see a difference!

In my life, I faced challenges upon challenges, as if that was all that I arrived here for and was to experience throughout my journey on the earth plane, like it or not. Generally a happy person, I couldn’t hold on to “joy” even if I paid for it! I knew that something was wrong in this unique relationship. For God’s love and His promises have always been so steady and over-the-top in my life, to the point that sometimes God made me feel as though no one else in the world mattered to him, only I mattered. And, never once, being sincerely grateful, did I want to disappoint Him!

But it was the “in-between” those shows of His provisions, where I felt disengaged, at a loss, immensely discouraged, and very disappointed in myself. I felt that I was “missing-the-boat,” missing the mark, missing the actual message, missing the point, of this special union and why I was here. It is a terrible thing, a daunting experience, to be in relationship with God and feel lost, insignificant, without accomplishments, a failure with little hope. Yet, this isn’t what God wants any of us to feel! His Word says so…His proof of his love and protection demonstrates it…to those of us who are willing to see it.

In my desperate search for answers, there came along the New Age concept or movement. Many were [and are] the happy thinkers, the masters of “positive thinking,” the successful folks, that [minus religions] seem to have made it to the top and now go [or went] about sharing their “good news” with anyone paying attention. Some of my favorite teachers include the late, Dr. Wayne Dyer, as well as the ongoing Esther Hicks and her Abraham Teachings, and Bob Proctor, just to name a few. But, even there, I found myself having to tread those grounds with caution.

All of those teachings, on positive thinking, unless they mentioned Christ Jesus’ teachings as well, seemed to make me come away feeling uneasy and as if I were cheating on the Lord, by all of the “do-it-yourself” techniques they offer! It took purposeful re-examination of the Scriptures, for me to finally realize that this entire time God wanted for me precisely what these other masters of positive thinking are saying is already mine, if I only apply the concepts correctly.

At one time, it used to be that I waited around for the Lord to be the One fully in charge, of my every thought, my every move, and my every manner of living. And, when this didn’t kick-in, I’d wonder if God hadn’t gone on vacation and forgot about me! Forget vacation: God wouldn’t go or be on any vacation without me, for He goes with me wherever I go! God was waiting, the entire time, for me; it wasn’t the other way around, I… waiting for Him! He was waiting for me to finally come to the end of my confused self, look at what this scripture actually says, and then apply it appropriately:

Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours. Mark 11:24

New age Christianity most definitely works out beautifully; new age thinking replaces age-old mindsets! Take note though, that Spirituality by itself, without God at the helm, is nevertheless just a walk…through those uncharted waters and regions inside ourselves; by ourselves and vacant of any companionship with our Maker.

I have found that, when leaving the Lord out of our spiritual journey, for whatever the reason; be it that religions and their devotees have turned us off to the Christ, or we ourselves expected a personalized type of Entity, but produced a [very misunderstood] Jesus and disinvited him! We’re as if strolling through a park at night, by ourselves, aimlessly and with No Leader [no God] to show us the way through the darkness and over to the Light.

We then begin to conjure up all sorts of beliefs, ideals, and false sense of personal happiness and strengths –that gradually and eventually bring us back around to admitting that, apart from God, we really can do nothing! We can focus, all we want, on what we want and never really obtain it, because, at the end of the day, there are “we” and there is God who essentially has the last word. To press my point, I always bring up “death” when having these types of discussions, and how, no matter what we try to do to prevent it, death always comes through here for us earthlings; there’s no escaping it or refuting that God somehow isn’t involved in it.

Therefore, always bear in mind the good that God does want for each of us; it matches the good that you want for yourselves; and that whatever you ask for in prayer, shall be yours if you believe that you received it! New Age Christianity, it’s about time that the concept got here!