President Obama is vying to bring 100’s of thousands Syrian refugees to America and give to them what even millions of Americans don’t have: funds, health insurance, jobs, shelter and food; lots of FREE MONEY that he isn’t quick to give away to his own people! He is forsaking the [real] threat, that already ISIS terrorists were found to be among the fleeing Syrians, passing themselves off as a refugee, and he has the gall to react offended that most of our Governors unite in banning those refugees from coming here? This is shocking, and this leader needs to go removed from Office!

During 911, if there was one thing we all saw also, was the brave souls on American soil: the airline passengers that lost their lives when they bound upon the terrorists in the cockpit and veered the fourth plane to crash in a field in Pennsylvania, instead of at the Pentagon in Washington, DC, where the third plane had already slammed!

Brave souls on American soil still exist! I wouldn’t be surprised if such brave souls take this matter by storm, should ISIS think to bring its barbaric plans to the U.S. and our leader not step up, NOW – NOT LATER, to prevent the calamity! Our brave souls on American soil would think nothing of taking the law into their own hands, heavily arming themselves and kicking some real butt, before ISIS overtakes us in this situation!

As much as I hate to think about it, I think this is what needs to happen! If our own PRESIDENT won’t protect us, from the terrorists he’s protecting, then We the People are left with no other recourse than to rev up our soulful engines and do Obama’s job for him! ISIS may be reeking havoc elsewhere, but it won’t get too far in America, not with the brave souls on American soil that we do have! WE are a people of great spirit and combat-able, and have proven it, time and time again. What is more, we have our own HOMELESS people and HOMELESS Veterans already still suffering and waiting for this Administration’s AID! We have no room, no funding, no need and no desire for the President’s cronies to come here just to unleash their jihad upon us! WE have the power to overtake the enemies, both ISIS AND OBAMA, because WE ARE brave souls on American soil!

I PRAY that all of this sees “damage control,” beforehand, and that our President kisses his leadership position goodbye, permanently, now, and not later! But until that comes to pass, prepare yourselves for civil unrest coming to America! GOD help us all, especially the brave souls on American soil!