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blessings-in-disguise I have to be thankful for a lifetime of blessings, otherwise, I would be the biggest ingrate going and not been worthy of all of God’s favor and protection, that I did receive!

Those who know me personally know that life has always… put me through the wringer! They know of the countless challenges, struggles, and painful situations, I have had to endure. Some of these folks might say that, at times, I brought the problems unto myself, and I would have to say that, yes, that is true! Others might have a different opinion and say that life, for whatever its reason, has simply mostly been rough on me. All of them, nonetheless, would agree that I am a very strong individual who’s come through life’s challenges, unscathed, because here I am, still standing and writing, about life!


That God gives his hardest battles to his strongest soldiers, is a statement I couldn’t agree more with, but it doesn’t end there. God never has given me the hard battles without the blessings that followed. In fact, I have seen many blessings, even while battles weren’t anywhere near me! So that suffices to say that whether embattled or not, the Good Lord has perpetually shine his light on me and made sure that all of my needs been met!

I…am the one responsible to see it for what it is and call it by its true name when I see it: God loves me and blesses me because he loves me! I may have been considered one of God’s strongest soldiers, be it, by mankind or by God himself! However, I haven’t always been faithful, loyal, or completely trusting of God, or of the courses he’s led me through. I have had my moments of doubt, fear, insecurity, instability, and worry that God would fail me. I haven’t always understood God’s plan for my life; I have been mad at Him, for permitting the daunting experiences, and I have also been very clingy, needy and dependent upon Him, in spite of the uncertainties! Of all of my relationships, throughout my entire life, this one [with God] has been the most interesting, the most fun one, the most curious one, and the most steady one! Through it all, and no matter the situations, at the end of the day, God has taken care of me!

No question, that, while going through a “battle,” we can feel as though relief is nowhere in sight! But I look back on my 56 years on the earth, and on every single situation that I went through, and today can safely say that each challenge came and went! The same is true in your own life. No statement can be more accurate, than this one: this, too, shall pass! Therefore, it is wasted energy to worry or assume that “GOD” isn’t on the job, in our lives. Regardless of ALL CIRCUMSTANCES, if we each take a moment and really look at our lives, look at the bigger picture, we would see God’s hand, in the care of you, and of me. Just when we think there’s no hope, something wonderful and relieving, be it small or grand, unfolds, to restore that lost hope!

The lesson here, for me, has now amounted to my letting go of the reigns, I think I have on my life, and simply letting God be God and I his beloved daughter! Getting myself out of the way and letting God do his thing! I am going to be meeting God, face-to-face one day, and would want that encounter completely free of any awkwardness, shame or regret. I want my relationship with God, in the here-and-now and in the afterlife, to fully-reflect the love, the respect, the trust, and the appeasement that He has always sought to give me. I owe God that much, for all of the good that I did receive whilst not lifting a finger to obtain it by myself. Indeed, I am, and want to be, thankful for a lifetime of blessings!

Your current situation might be one of great challenge; it may be that you’re behind on your mortgage; your bills are piled to the ceiling, with debt collectors denting your door with all of their pounding! Your employer pays little, your job is on the brink of ending, or you’re unemployed! You’re alone and have no outside help! But you pray, and want with all of your heart to trust and believe that God really loves you, is hearing your prayers, and shall [at some point] come to the rescue! You are one of His strongest soldiers, but are pooping in your pants with fear! Hang in there. Let go of all of those reigns: i.e., fear, worry, concern, doubt, anxieties, nervousness, and what other non-helpful strings you grab onto; and straightforwardly release it all to the Lord and do nothing else. God, most assuredly, will give you ample reasons to be thankful for a lifetime of blessings!

Happy Thanksgiving, 2015!