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Buddy_ChristLately, as I read through the News Feed, on the Facebook Home page, I am grown increasingly turned-off to the “Christian” propaganda that I notice posted daily. I don’t only see this in Facebook; I see it a lot in other social networks where people post statuses, write blogs, create videos, or have websites, referring to God. And I once saw it of myself: God. God. God. God this and God that! I lived and breathed GOD. I over-talked about God. I made no moves without God! I judged you if you didn’t walk with God. I judged your beliefs if they didn’t match mine! I pushed, and pushed, and pushed, and pressed Him out there, between your eyes! So much so, that eventually even I got sick of it, got sick of what I was doing, to myself, to others, and to God.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m all, for God. You’ll notice it in this blog. Knowing God, and having a special, personal relationship with Him, is a beautiful thing. It is admirable. Inspiring. Necessary. But not-always inviting, when someone like me knows you and knows, all-too-well, the truth about you and the goings on in your private life. Your push for God then leaves a bad taste in all ways.

micromanaging-the-projectIndeed, we all need SOMETHING to believe in, a Higher Power to see to our safety and wellbeing, and to guide us and love us, when no one else seems able-to. And we all should lean on God if that pleases us.

But… when we turn ourselves into God’s Representatives, and proclaim with stern conviction, to the death, that GOD is in complete control of our lives; and veer nowhere near demonstrating our genuine personality and truest relationship with God, we lie. We lie to God. We lie to people. And we lie to ourselves.

We turn our Belief system into a circus, ourselves in the likes of a puppet-on-strings and GOD into the unfitting Puppet Master, when beyond all of the facade, we’re actually crumbling, and fearful, and are faithless! And this, shouldn’t be! Because that is not God’s intention or relationship with us.

It is, wonderful, crucial, vital, and proper to give God credit, for many things. We can give Him credit for anything and everything, if we so choose.  The sun wouldn’t shine, if it weren’t for God; the birds of the air wouldn’t fly, if it weren’t for God; the breaths that we take wouldn’t continue, if it weren’t for God. And on and on, we could go, giving God the credit, where that credit is due. But, please, let’s get real: God gives us more credit than we give to ourselves.

Behind every mask, there is a face, and behind that a story. ~Marty Rubin

OurHidingWhether on Facebook or at home, or in our neighborhood, or at work, God gave us humanness, and smarts, and talents, and a flair all our own with which to spread joy, and the Good News, and knowledge, helpfulness, all of which glorify Him when adapted kindly.

Let’s not hide our uniqueness, our beautiful “God’s work-of-art of us,” behind the gates of our learned Religiosity. Or behind the posts; coloring up the visuals for the world to adhere to and spelling out your beliefs: about God, and who God is, and what God can do, for you and everyone else, while really only trying to convince yourself that such is true. Nor let yourself hide behind the fear, of letting the world see the real you, the spiritually human you, the naturally talented you, and the fully-capable-of-humor you, while you love [or say that you love] the Lord.

We can’t give God the credit for everything, and, quite-frankly, He doesn’t want the credit for everything; it brings Him shame when we do that under the ilk of pretense! We can’t act or preach holy –under the guise of true believer– and give God the credit for that phoniness! We cannot use God’s Name in vain, flapping our lip-service to everybody, while our hearts and trust in Him, truly are light-years and miles away from him!


The Lord says: “These people come near to me with their mouth and honor me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me. Their worship of me is based on merely human rules they have been taught.” Isaiah 29:13

We cannot put on display our belief in God, in a manner that otherwise conversely screams back at us: “You’re a fake, there Poster! A clown! A puppet on strings! You aren’t being real, honest, or true to thine self or to God! You’re ill-informed, and hanging by a thread!”

What do we think, that God doesn’t know us, that he doesn’t see right through us. That He doesn’t know that really we are fearful, insecure, scared, biting our nails, sick with worry, and/or lacking true knowledge of Him and who He created us to be? I would say that it is time we get real with the Lord. These days, nobody really cares that you’re a Christian; your over-abundant posts, RELATING TO GOD, and WRITTEN IN ALL CAPS, as I’ve seen many people do, have actually come across as Drive-by-Shootings!

Oh, believe it: God gives us more credit than we give to ourselves! Let us simmer down…and talk about other things. God, who made us very intelligent, promises to sit with us, to join us, to sup with us as we do this, and as we each gets to know Him better, and ourselves as well.