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Well, the New Year starts, and right away it kicks-off with my birthday on the second day! Today, I turn 57. I could let that age trouble me, if I were vain. And I could let the idea, of this meaning that I have been around for “half a century, plus 7 additional years now,” sink me…deep into the abyss of time! But I won’t let that happen. To me, 2016 and my 57th birthday means New Year, new outlook!

I am grateful that I have come this far in age.  By now, I have reached much understanding of those things that at one time in my life rang purely mysterious and challenged me.  I say, with a sense of relief, that I have come into my own…although I know that there is much left yet for me to learn.  With life ever-so steadily and profoundly expanding, and God calling to me daily and helping me to grow into whom He anticipated I would one day be, I am happy to be alive, happy to have suffered all of my growing pains, and willing to continue to broaden my horizons until as far as I’m expected to go.

With the new year, new outlook, I am prepared to accept that I, too, am truly co-creator of my life and its many experiences.  And I love the thought of this being in my power, and look forward to observing what I can do, by just concentrating on my thought life, my musings and my feelings, which work hand-in-hand while forming the very tapestry of my life.

No longer do I fall apart at the seams, the way that I once did, when life came at me seemingly out-of-the-blue sky and took me by storm.  Those former situations erupted that way and disrupted my wellbeing due solely to my infantile ways and lack of knowledge, faith, and understanding. Though life is here, and comes at us in its many forms and style, I know now that I may rise up against those winds and call the storms into rest, into calmness, into peace, harmony, and tranquility, especially within my very own body.

I AM Co-creator of my life, and I can dictate what I want to see manifest, unfold, and lay out for me.  No more any of this victimization at the hands of constant swapping of circumstances; those turbulence occur only when and because our thinking is a colorful mess.  But, in my 57th year of birth, I know who I am and what I can do to have the life that I want to have, and be the person that I really am at the core of my humanness.

I would have never come to this juncture in my life and to this phenomenal comprehension had I not made it to age 57.  So, on that note, I welcome my new year, new outlook, and my new age with heart-felt celebration and much joy!

Happy Birthday to me!