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sleighIsn’t the New Year, every year, supposed to be a time for new beginnings, fresh starts, and higher hopes than in recent pasts?  I should say so!

To me, crossing that threshold at the stroke of midnight signals a wiping clean of the slate that mustn’t contain anything troubling, anything old or former, or pressuring come the New Year!

The “clean slate” –much like the elegant red sleigh that we see pictured here, must appear shiny, spotless, and ready for take-off –in this anticipated new ride through life!

GOODBYE-2015But already at the start of the New Year, I find myself confronted with some of the ills of last year, with some of the concerns that seemed had a hold on me and wouldn’t allow me to set myself free from them!

I find myself fighting off 2015’s ghosts!

Those concerns seem to want to stick around and spook me into believing that 2016 shall mirror last year’s woes and that the struggles from there will be joining me over into this new beginning!

I mustn’t permit any negative thoughts to take root or run my life. I must remain positive. Through all the difficulties, I learned much good [last year] about life, about myself, about God, and faith, and how all of this comes together and works out beautifully. I must [continue to] apply those principles to my thoughts…and simply trust that 2016 is going to unfold pleasant surprises, at every turn! It is possible to experience a year of nothing but bliss!  Therefore, goodbye 2015!


For We Walk By Faith Not By Sight