almostSCAMMED Although the woman in this picture isn’t me, I could surely relate to her reaction, when I encountered a robocall the other day! I am still in shock, 2 days later!

Robocalls and scams seem to be a trend that is sweeping through the nation in record speed and alarming the victims who are not aware that they are being scammed. The biggest scams being TAX scams, where the callers are passing themselves off as employees of the IRS and terrorizing innocent people into forking over thousands of dollars with threats to be “arrested” if he or she doesn’t pay up now!

To inform yourselves, the IRS has dedicated a page on its website to address this very urgent issue. Click here to read “IRS Urges Public to Stay Alert for Scam Phone Calls.”

However, not all of these phone scams pertain to IRS topics, so beware!

Although the beasts that targetted me claimed that I’m about to be “audited by the IRS,” their call wasn’t IRS related but was intense enough that it scared the daylights out of me and threw me into a tailspin!

I should have known that this was a robocall and scam! But I wasn’t thinking; I was responding to what sounded very real to me through that phone call because I do not ignore or allow “serious” issues to go swept under rugs and left unresolved. So that’s where my focus went to, instead of quickly noticing the other obvious clues.

It all started with me, missing their call on the morning of Jan. 7, and they, leaving a message in my Voicemail, and I returning the call!

To get a listen to the message they left me and watch for the phone number they provide, I uploaded the audio to my YouTube channel; and, yes, the image in it is of me, completely dismayed by the goings on in today’s society! Check out the Scammer’s call…

The Scammer’s Call

Seeing as that “Claire” mentioned “documents” in the call, I called back. A man answered, and I stated my name and told him that I’m returning their call and want to know what this is about. He wasn’t being very clear on the purpose for their reaching me. From him, I got, “Have you been served with papers yet?”

I replied, “Papers, no, I haven’t been served with papers! What papers are you talking about?” I asked him, as my heart starts its fearful beating.

He responded, “You’re about to be audited by the IRS and the Sheriff in your county will be detaining you and bringing you to court so that you answer to your violation of US Code Title 18, section 13:43 and 13:44, which deals with Federal crimes and criminal procedure.”

Alarmed beyond my witts, I shouted, “What are you talking about,” I demanded to know, “What federal crime did I supposedly commit?”

He didn’t answer my question right away. Instead, he seemed to have a lot of information on me, without my needing to furnish any of it, and ran it to me: i.e, my full name, my employer’s name (in 2009), my home address (in 2009), and my email address. To which I responded, “Yeah, all right, so you know all of this! And what is it, you say, that I did wrong?”

Rather quickly and forcefully, he stated, “You conducted a fraudulent online transfer of funds, using your email address, and wired the money to your bank account. You gave false information in order to obtain the funds and this is a federal offense.”

“Really, and what bank account was this, what’s the name of the bank?” I asked him, and he couldn’t say. He claimed that the file wasn’t letting him see which bank I used, and then added that the Sheriff will be serving me with documents, and detaining me and bringing me to court to face a Judge. Because I had given a lender, in the PayDay Loan industry, false information and got the “$400” loan from them and never paid it back, and that now I owe the sum of $2,998 with interest since so much time elapsed since the transaction!

Finding this quite appalling and harassing, I retorted, “PayDay Loan industry? Give me the name of the lender, I want to know the name!” -while the whole time, I was feeling so terrified, I felt as if I was about to have heart failure! The man, however, couldn’t seem to give me the name of the “lender”; he was fumbling and just threw “Everest Financing” and “Quincy Financial” at me and said, “it’s one of them!”

Of course, I refuted that allegation. “I don’t know what you’re talking about because I never did such a thing!” I told him. But he pressed the issue; sounding strong, mean, angry, authoritative, and mature, not young, to me! And he stated that when they take me to court, I can state my defense, but that to prevent getting a Judgement against me, I can simply pay back this money ahead of time. He then dismissed me and hung up on me.

In this country, great USA, a person is innocent until proven guilty, and that man spoke to me in the reverse; he treated me as though he was SURE that I was guilty!

Not satisfied with this unresolved issue, I then called that number back! A woman answered and I asked to speak to a supervisor. She then transferred me to a man named Dave Wolfe, who claimed is Senior Case Manager, and he engaged my conversation a little bit longer and answered some of my questions.

The first thing I did was tell him about the incomplete discussion I had with one of his male employees and that now I have questions. I asked him for the full name of his company; he stated that his company name is USC Litigations. I then request the company’s physical address, “so that I could go there and resolve this matter in person,” I told him. He then said, “There isn’t one; this is all Internet based.”

Hmm, I thought to myself, how curious! I then asked him, “Well then, to whom do I send this money, if it is that it would prevent a Judgement against me? Not that I should be paying anything back; to do that, would be an admission of guilt, and I know I am not guilty here!” He replied that the documents the Sheriff will be serving me contain all the information.

In this steadier conversation, with my fright level at an all-time high, I said to this Dave Wolfe, “What I find strange is that every year I order my Credit Report from the 3 major credit reporting companies and never once, in all the years that I’ve obtained these reports, have I ever seen any PayDay Loan services listed on them!”

Dave paused, and in his silence, I got the feeling that I stumped him somehow because he took a while to respond. He then came back with the most cockamamie answer I had ever heard. “These lenders aren’t like the typical big banks…Bank of America or Chase that do monthly reporting. They don’t report these transactions because they charge excessive interest rates; they’re in the business of ripping people off!” he claimed.

“Oh…” said I, “So you mean to tell me that these lenders can rip people off and still take the victims to court, and a judge would rule in favor of the crooks?” To which Dave said, “Yep, isn’t that nuts? But that’s how that goes.”

I then said, “Woe, if I’ve never seen corruption, I’m seeing it now!”

Dave Wolfe then said that he “believes” me and asked me if I have any known enemies, as perhaps someone used my personal information to apply for this loan. I couldn’t think of any right then and told him such and that I’ll certainly be looking into this! He then outright asked me, “Do you have good credit?”

Because I found that question suspect too, to throw him off, I immediately told him that I have the worst credit in the whole world! And that I would be retaining a lawyer to represent me in this matter. Hearing this, he ended the call by saying, “When you get the lawyer, call me back.” and hung up.

This CALL already cost me $15, because, that day, I went straight to my former bank to request a printout of the statements for Sept., Oct., and November 2009, to see all of the activities on that account, and was charged $5 per statement, which won’t arrive for another 5 to 7 days! The more I thought about those conversations; their tone of voices, the persistence with which they carried this out, the seriousness of threats with sheriff, arrest, court and Judge, and the pressure and onslaught of accusation as if they were sure that I committed that crime; all of which profoundly shook me to no end! The more I believed the possibility that this could be “Identity Theft” because that too is very real in today’s world and these people that called me sounded too “official” for me to spot that I was actually being scammed!

While, at the bank, I reported the call to the Manager, and she began saying that this sounds like a scam and that she’s glad I didn’t give them the money because they would have taken it and run off with it. She advised me to contact the IRS, Social Security, my current bank, and the police.

Then, the more that I discussed it with a family member, the more I began to see that this might have nothing to do with Identity Theft either, but rather was just a downright scam! My relative made a phone call to a prominent friend of hers who knows a lot about these types of situations and reported back to me that he is certain this was nothing more than a scam and that I should relax and not worry. I had been so shaken and frightened by the incident that I admitted to my relative that I was actually afraid to go back home, for fear of encountering a Sheriff at my door and being arrested! I may not be perfect in this world, but I most definitely try my best to live a lawful life, not an unlawful one, so when this happened, it was no surprise that I took it as hard as I did! Realizing that this, where I live, is not a police state nor that we’re under any Sharia law, but here we do have this thing called, “Due Process,” I took that resolve with me and went home.

On my way home, I listened back to the message that “Claire” had left on my Voicemail, and played it back twice, to listen to it closely. It dawned on me that any time an Official or attorney’s office ever phoned me, there was no such thing as “robotic audios” played inside those calls between the live voices. And Claire’s had one, and that intrigued me!

I got home, and immediately phoned the IRS, which is how I learned about their Identity Theft page. Swiftly, the IRS employee told me that the call I got sounds almost exactly as the TAX scam calls going out to people everywhere! He helped to calm me down, by saying that if this was a real debt, of $400, dating back to 2009, the statutes of limitation would have already run out by now. He advised me to rest easy and suggested that I file a police report, as it may help law enforcement to capture those who are doing this.

After my call to the IRS, I phoned the Accusers back; I wanted to do my own investigating at this point. A woman answered; she didn’t sound like Claire, but she too sounded mature and professional, as like a paralegal would sound. I told her that the gentleman who spoke to me earlier had mentioned a US Code rather quickly and that I didn’t get a chance to jot it down, and would she kindly ask him for it and repeat it back to me, slowly…!

She then said, “Oh, it appears your file has been sealed and labeled under Immediate Action! Let me ask Mr. Wolfe for the code for you, I’ll be right back.” As I waited and pondered this sealed file, I could feel that weakening in the stomach sensation, that takes place when facing serious legal unknowns, and all kinds of scares and lightheadedness are overtaking you. The persistence in these Characters just is too unfeigned to believe that it’s a scam, and I was growing iller by the second!

She returned to the phone, and graciously ran it to me slowly, as I mentioned earlier, as, “US Code Title 18, section 13:43 and 13:44.” I thanked her for her help and hung up.

I hopped online and Googled “USC Litigation” and “US Code Title 18, section 13:43 and 13:44” and “866-349-7644” only to find out that I’d been jerked around by those persons! And it won’t matter now what anybody else and his or her SCAMS tries to do to me after I post this blog! I learned ways to protect myself and grew a whole lot wiser in two days!

What gets me is how Scammers carry out their aim and dirty deeds without any regard for human life! And how this, that happened to me, took me this long to shake its effects off of me! These are “people” making these fraudulent calls to others, not just robots, but live adult people! Where is his and her conscience while doing this to innocent parties? Do they not realize the death that they can cause someone with a weak heart, and how TERRORIZING those actions of theirs are? Have they no mirrors to look into and realize that what they are doing is evil and wrong, that they too can one day be on the receiving end of the crime they’re committing and that it would hardly feel good to them when targetted!?

It really shocks and saddens me to think that, aside of ISIS and those other terrorists like Isis, we now have these ones to contend with as well. I’m very angry by this! I almost wish that I could somehow launch my response on them and instill grave fear into them; the way that they did to me! Spook the crap out of them, in the hopes that they wake up, get scared enough, quit this line of work and get a decent job elsewhere!

But I’m a Christian and that’s enough to stop me from lashing out and behaving in the same way that they do! If anything, they are people, and definitely are in need of prayers because of the manner in which they are cinching their own souls by carrying out all of their mischief and thievery! God, help them!

Hence this commentary, my advise to everyone, unfortunately, is don’t be too trusting of any stranger, on the phone or in your midst. It is sad to say it, but this is the sort of society that criminals are creating for us all with their robocalls and scams.