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I have come a long way since my young adulthood and have had to tear down many-a-strongholds in the process. One of them being the thick collection of people’s opinion of me; and the other what they’ve said are “God’s” expectations of me! All of which never told me that God goes with the flow! I had to find that out on my own.

You know how it goes. When we’re young and naive; or the type that doesn’t think for herself for fear of disapproval; or the kind that’s just too lazy to work on self-improvement; and we buy into anything that anybody says is edged in stone. You end up living a lie. You end up hearing screams from your soul: “Set me free, I am dying!” But you’re unsure of yourself or of how to do it. You even fear that you might not please God if you dip your toe into those freeing waters outside the tight little box of stifling beliefs, and so you hold yourself back from exploring the wonders of your life!

Yeah, yeah, been there done that.

One of my most important relationships has been the one with God. Indeed, I have held with high regard the advice of many trustworthy people: my parents’, for instance, and that of close friends and other relatives, and, apart, life coaches with their motivational speeches. But people come & go all the time, and many of them have passed away already. That, at the end of the day, the only Constant in my life has been God and his staying power; and that all that I was left with was my screaming soul, my attachment to the strongholds, and my concern that I might be offending the Lord should I step out and recapture Me! For me, it felt something like this gal pictured here.


And because I always felt held back, I did something to alleviate the unrest! I abandoned ship; stepped away from everything former; I even forsook religion, even if it meant distancing myself from God, and began looking for ways to reconnect with the Inner Me I had lost touch with many moons ago! After all, it was my soul that was screaming and my ears that heard it and my heart that felt the yearning!

Somebody had to rescue me!

God had already done His part, now it was up to me to not bother him with my sheepishness, which is often why it feels like He’s ignoring us, but to do something about fulfilling that call in my life, myself.

Here’s what I found out.

No matter what we do or where we venture off to, always God goes with the flow! We aren’t trading places with Him. There’s no escaping the Lord; he’s our closest companion, with us to oversee our safety. And He wants us to live our life to the fullest, that we reconnect with our other Truer Self and for once, be truly happy in Him.