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We can spend hours, days, weeks, and months discussing the issue of joblessness, and only go around and around the same mountain, to arrive at joblessness. We can blame our joblessness on the Government, on the bad economy, on each other, or on ourselves, that, still, if you are jobless–but need to work and goes unhired–that’s a problem! But, since I, myself, am one of those who has been jobless for a very long time, and cried out, “HELP WANTED” –and actually obtained it, I believe that I have grasped a divine solution for the unemployed!

The last time that I worked was in 2012. Before that time, I had a flourishing career in hairdressing, on and off for around 33 years. My career as a Cosmetologist came to a screeching halt in 2010, for several reasons. First: my automobile broke down and I no longer could easily travel to my job at the barber shop. Next: the “bad” economy caught up to me and, along with everyone else overwhelmed by its effects, it pulled the rug out from under me and sent me sliding down that muddy slope, to the pit of losses and devastation! Then: I went diagnosed with C.O.P.D. and no longer could return to work in the hair industry!

All of that occurred simultaneously, from 2009 thru 2011, while, at the same time, I hurried to grab the bull by its horns, get myself out from under those –and many other consequential– difficulties, and look for work–as fast, and hard, and anywhere that I could possibly search. To no avail; because, in all fields, no one was hiring me!

In the midst of all of that; I went ahead and published my novel [Love Amid Chaos] in 2009, and opened an events company, too, 2010, in the hopes of rising above the storms that overtook my life. The results…it was an uphill struggle from there! In 2011, I finally landed a job at a women’s boutique and worked there, part time, for 18 months, when suddenly, “the bad economy” still with us then, booted me right out that door!

This all brought me to a point where my faith inclusive suffered! I began thinking that God was punishing me, that He was displeased with me, and, on top of that, I wasn’t even sure that I had done something so wrong that it would warrant such penalizing!

Moreover, I was meeting with constant criticism, from friends, family, and enemies alike; everyone assuming that I wasn’t trying “hard enough” to regain footing as Woman on top of the world, the way that they once thought of me. It was very easy for many of them to point out my current failures, and my former successes, whence weighing me on their scale of judgment, but not all of them could or would actually rescue me, for a time.

This all led to my finally growing exhausted and coming to the end of all efforts and trying. I gave up attempting to be self-supporting if you could believe it! Thing was, I knew that I’d been “sensing” a subliminal message through all of this; I just didn’t know what it was! Not everyone understood me; while they carried on about my short-comings; I was starting to see a different path opening up to me, that required immense “faith.” At last, sensing that God was vying to get my attention, I fully surrendered my personal crisis over to Him. What other choice did I have? No one was hiring me; I had already lost homes, cars, money, health, jobs, friends, hopes, and dreams!

God, nonetheless, made it, not to hurt me but so that I might finally give up my grip, of the reigns, and follow Him! More like; place my entire life and being in the palm of His hands and trust Him, the way that would a child in the hands of his or her favorite parent, without fear or question!

I did it; I took a chance on letting God take care of me, once, and for all, and haven’t regretted that choice since then! He has equipped me with every good thing! For me now, there is no turning back from this path. Why should I opt for former circumstances, when the ones that God had in mind for me are a whole lot better than I ever experienced or imagined, just for trusting him! I only wish that it hadn’t taken me this long to believe God and let Him be the Source of my supply and lifeline to all that really matters.

Hence, my personal experience, that is what I mean by, a divine solution for the unemployed. If you are wasting yourself away, pounding the pavement in your search for a job and a better life, but are coming up empty; switch paths. Head on over to the narrower path where God awaits you…because over here He does most of the work, and the freeing, rescuing, and blessing. You won’t know what it’s like until you try it!

For I know the thoughts and plans that I have for you, says the Lord, thoughts and plans for welfare and peace and not for evil, to give you hope in your final outcome. -Jeremiah 29:11

And by “welfare,” God doesn’t mean reliance on the Government! 😉