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praying-296517_960_720 I got to thinking about all of the “prayers” that have gone unanswered in my life. And about, what seems to me is, the unstable relationship between God and humans, when countless are the people who pray, but as well get no answers to his or her prayers.

Then I looked at the image that I posted here. And, typical of how we sometimes are expected to approach God: on bent knee! Doesn’t it seem as though the silhouetted individual isn’t only praying, but also pleading and begging God for something?  It does to me!

In fact, as I think back to when my oldest child was a young lad, the image that we see here reflects how my son would drop down on one knee, and beg and plead with me to grant him his wish or request, after I had said, No, you may not…do, have, or whatever it was that he was asking from me! ( 🙂 )

Unlike the more relaxed form of Worship, that image seems to represent the way that we, too often, commune with God, and is probably why our prayers don’t always return answered. I can sincerely say that I have communed with God in that same fashion, and, after a while of non-answered prayers, have come away wondering why God didn’t answer my prayer and thinking this whole “faith” thing really doesn’t work!

The problem is that we act as though God is separate and apart from us; that God is somewhere in the heavens and we’re down here, crawling around, helpless and defeated, [while God is watching us and letting us suffer that way?]

The problem is that we haven’t yet understood that God lives in us; that He is our life force and source, He is not solely in the heavens; further, that He already did his work and his part in helping us, in every way possible!

The problem is that we haven’t yet [realized], either, that God is waiting for us to take [hold of the] Authority, which He already has given us, as well, –to rise above and overcome any shortcomings, needs, or evils, through our own involvement now. And, at this, I can picture the Lord God shaking his head in disbelief, respectfully, at the level of ignorance and laziness in people!

And sometimes, the problem as well is that many of these people, who believe in God, shy away from reading the Bible because, they claim, it is too daunting and confusing, and they can’t understand it. Please try harder.

We can lead the horse to the water but cannot make it drink it. Perhaps that is God’s conclusion as well, since so many of His people are still “pleading and begging God” [for something], in that manner of supplication, after He’s asked us to exercise the Power that he already gave us, but we don’t cooperate.

The point is that those are just some of the reasons for the unstable relationship between God and humans.